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Am I doing to much

Am I doing to much

Hey guys I just got out the shower there “that is where I do my routine of jelqing” and I took about an hour and 20 minutes. My routine is ( 120 jelqs with a few Ulis squeezes in between, erect bends in 4 directions 4 times, shake it “but that only takes about 30 secs” and then 4 10 second stretches”.

It might take so long due to having to wank off all the time to achieve a good erection level. After I finish I heat my penis up again from the water from the shower. I have also heard that if you do to much it starts to turtle back up.This only happens when I am actually out the shower.

Am I doing to much? Thanks.

First, I find the shower to be extremely hard to do any sort of PE routine in. (Sometimes while I’m in there I get a few stretches whilst under the HOT water. If it’s privacy you need, try a bath instead, that way your unit is mostly submerged in warm and you won’t lose your 3/4 erection and keeping a consistent warmth. An hour and 20 minutes of jelqing sounds like A LOT, how long have you been PEing for?

I’ve been doing jelqing for just under a month now.But I seem to be in the shower longer as I put my routine up.before I new of this site I researched online and a guy from a site told me to start off at 40 jelqs on week 1, 80 jelqs at week too, 120 jelqs at week 3 and 160 at week 4. After that he said do a minimum of 200 jelqs after that.. I use the shower to heat my penis up and then turn to the side and apply lube and start my routine. If my penis goes under the water of the shower the lube washes off and I have to apply more and so on, and then I have to wank off again to get bk up to 3/4 erection. My problem is my erections don’t stay up for long “say it dies down after 5-10 jelqs” but when I’m with my gf it’s a totally different story ;)

Any suggestions Gonnabe9x6? Thanks

As long as you are not jelqing for an hour straight, it doesn’t look like you are doing too much. Maybe you could try loosening up the pressure while jelqing. This could be why you are struggling to keep the erection level high enough.

Fill a sock with rice, throw it in the microwave.

That sounds like to much of a pain in the ass to me.

Wot do you mean exactly gonnabe9x6?

Do you think if I broke my routine down during the week it would be better I.e day 1 jelq and stretch, day to erect bends then shake and so on?

I mean exactly what I said, shower isn’t working out. Take an old sock, fill it with rice, put it in the microwave. Boom free heat wrap.

I would follow the exact newbie routine if you are new to PE,

Be careful cause you don’t want to not be able to use your unit.

Thanks I’ll try that. I take it the sock method will work out better? It was nothing I really considered doing.

I must have a small hot water tank because I wouldn’t be able to have enough hot water for a 90min shower. :) You guys probably have the tankless water heaters, right?

I find it too distracting to do PE in the shower aside from stretching. Sometimes I will take a shower to warm it up, but do the routine when I get out.

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if it was me, that routine would not take me more then 30minutes tops. 120minutes is a long time but who knows what else your doing in the shower :p

I only wash myself that only takes about 5/10 mins.The rest is just my routine which is not really alot. I’ve had a lot of stress recently, maybe that is one of the reasons why I don’t really maintain an erection. When I wank it’s fine, but when I PE it just starts to go down. Maybe I’m thinking about PE to much?


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