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Am I doing the Jelqs and Horizontal Movements right

Am I doing the Jelqs and Horizontal Movements right

Hey guys!

I am wondering if I am doing the Jelqs and Horizontal Movement exercises at the appropriate speeds.

Just today I timed myself and I did 500 Jelqs (lubed up) in about 8 minutes. In about 5 minutes I did 110 Horizontal Movements.

Does this sound about right at all?

I’ll also point out that when I do the Jelqs I can do them without stopping but with the Horizontal Movements I need to stop every now and then because I get too soft to keep doing them effectively.

Thanks in advance.


The speed of each stroke is extremely important. Stroke times of less than 3 seconds should be avoided. It is very easy to start at a good rate but increase to masturbation speeds if concentration is lost. Timing the stroke rate (either by counting ( one - one thousand, two - one thousand, three - one thousand) or with a watch or metronome is a good way to ensure that the speed is constant.

It is possible to increase the strength of the grip without encouraging a ramping of pressure during the stroke by lengthening the stroke time.

To encourage length gains many people end each stroke in a short light stretch (often unconsciously), very similar to a JAI stretch.

On wet Jelqs I think you are going to fast.

500 jelqs in 8 mins = one stroke every 0.96 seconds. The PE manual says one stroke every 2-3 seconds.

I do about 300 strokes in 15 minutes that is 3 seconds per stroke on average.

Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

Well, in some cases, less speed correlates with more constriction power (as in my case) and I encountered problems when I started jelqing at a slower rate. The most important to avoid injuries or at least bad PI is to keep the pressure low enough.

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That is much too fast. It’s really about the quality vs the quantity of the strokes. If I tried to do 500 strokes in 8 mins, I wouldn’t make it. :)

So judging by your join date I’m assuming you are new to PE. How come you don’t follow he newbie routine as your introduction into PE? Seems like a perfect way to get into it. It’s low impact for the most part but it will help you learn how your body reacts. You just don’t want to over do it and end up injuring yourself.

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I actually bought a PE program early this year so I am following that routine.

I discovered PE around that time and I found this forum but sadly at that time registrations were closed. This meant I could not see all of the posts nor any videos on PE. But I wanted to start doing PE so I bought a program along with an extender.

I started in the summer but then stopped at around 3 months in because I was getting really annoyed and worried with the basic manual stretch exercises.

I just recently started again.

I started to do it much slower the past few days on the jelqs and I average around 150 in 10 minutes. How is that?

By the way, I assume the exercises for some are different than how it’s named on the PE program I bought because no one has commented on the “Horizontal Movement”. That’s when you get your dick at semi-erect state grip with one hand and make an ok grip with the other right below the glands and stroke it up and down with good grip. Anyone familiar with this one? I started to do that slower as well.

I agree a bit fast. I do 5 minutes jelqs and I can only do about 100 or so. Then I warm up for a minute or two and do another 5 minutes of jelqs.


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