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Am I doing enough

Am I doing enough

Hey guys first time posting here although I’ve been browsing through this site for some months now. My routine consists of doing the basic stretches and holds in all directions and holding for 30 sec + the helicopter, and jelqing right after. I’ve been experimenting with mostly 60-80% jelqs(about 400) but am only interested in gaining length now, or mostly length for that matter. I have recently started doing flaccid wet jelqs (warming up and jelqing, not too much blood in the penis 20-40% tops?). I exercise M/T/take Wednesdays off/F/S/ and take Sunday off. Am I doing too little stretching by just stretching once in all directions and doing the helicopter before I jelq? What should I do to start seeing length gains. I’ve been experimenting with jelqing since about October but I slacked off too much on the stretches and mainly wet jelqed at about 60-80% so I’ve only seen some girth gains and possibly very little length gain if any.

How long have you been doing this? 400 sounds like a lot of jelqs, try doing a smaller amount and making them last longer. Then at least double the amount you’re currently stretching.

Hi Messedupmind, your routine seems fairly solid, although if you are looking to gain length, I would suggest jelqing at a lower percentile. I started jelqing at a high percent and noticed gains in mainly girth. Since switching to jelqing at 20 - 40% for the past year + basic stretches, I’ve noticed minimal gains to my girth, but have gained nearly an inch in length! I like to start out with a good warm up, followed by about 10 minutes of stretching, usually only holding a stretch for 10 seconds. I then begin to follow up with my jelq routine, I start out flaccid as well, and usually try to stay between 20 - 40% throughout my workout. About seeing gains, everyone is different, everyone gains different. I would say if you stick to your routine you should see noticeable results in about 6 months.

Edit: did you START your PE in October? Did you go through the newbie routine? If so then 400 jelqs should be fine by this time. I usually don’t count but like to do it by time, I usually spend about 10 - 20 minutes depending on how my unit reacts to the workout.

@ Anytime- Yeah. I started in October but I did much less in October and slowly worked my way up and didn’t gain length( if I did it’s very little length, never really measured an accurate length before I started.) The thing is I was jelqing at higher blood levels- about 60-80% and only gained girth. I’m a little confused on where to start since I’m not really new to PEing but I didn’t really do the work outs to the best of my abilities. I didn’t really do the stretches very much either so I am starting to think they are more important than I thought. Are the 30 second holds in every direction and the helicopter rotations(about 25) enough as far as stretching goes?

Stretching is a big part of gaining length imo. Jelqing at lower levels as stated earlier (20-40%) I find also is more helpful in gaining length then say at 60-80%. Your stretching seems fine, as long as your member can handle 30 second holds. I wouldn’t totally rule out girth exercises as girth can be one of the most important factors to how a woman reacts when you penetrate her. :)

Here is an example of my length routine.

[I’ve been focusing on length as well, but girth will still come along with it :) ] !make sure you’re warming up first, just a warm cloth around your member for say 5 minutes prior to workout can make a HUGE difference!! I like to start with stretches first, you don’t HAVE to do them first, but I find stretching before hand gives my unit a nice good hang to start my jelq from. You say you’re doing roughly 400 jelqs per session? Do some stretching before hand, try wet jelqing from a flaccid state, and get into a good low blood level erection, slow firm strokes are key, you should be feeling some pressure in the glands, don’t grip to hard though (ouch!) Before you let go with one hand, begin your stroke with your other trying to keep the blood moving up the shaft into the glands. If you notice you’re getting to hard, pause for minute and resume.

About halfway through the routine throw in some helicopters and some more stretching, (I personally hold for 10 seconds, but 30 should be fine) finish your jelqs and end with another warm cloth wrap. You should immediately notice you have a better flaccid hang, and within the first few weeks should notice improvement. The first half inch is usually the fastest and easiest to gain, it took me nearly a year to gain a whole inch to my length, but everyone is different. Just make sure you’re member can handle what you are throwing at it, you don’t want to overwork yourself, that can take time out of your PE’ing and is just a pain in the ass. I’ve been roughly off and on for 2 years trying to perfect a routine for myself, if you started in October and gradually worked your way up, I think your routine should be fine. I would say keep going with the routine, making a few minor tweaks here and there, and see where it gets you after say 4-6 weeks, if you notice an overall better hang, keep going with it. Browse around the forum for some more advanced stretches, but I suggest you ONLY try them once you’re confident in your PE ability.

Remember to know your limit, play within it, and happy PE’ing brother!
Hope that could be of some help.

EDIT: I always forget something lol. Also, I like to do kegels, you can find info on them around the forums, they help with EQ and increased blood flow to your unit, as well as help you to shoot farther! Always a bonus ;)

I'ts aliiive!

Thanks for taking the time to respond man been a huge help. And yeah I’ve heard of kegels but I feel like I want to get my target penis size before I work on them.

I’m glad I could help, another thing I think I may have forgotten to mention was how crucial rest periods are. Just like working out your body, it’s good to have a good rest day, no masturbation, no sex, just a solid day for your main vein to recover.

I'ts aliiive!

Messedupmind, imho you should start kegeling now. It’s easy and can be done anywhere, and it really helps for a million and one reasons


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