Am I crazy? Thrombosed vein disappeared?

I had a longer than usual jelq session yesterday morning. Last night, I went to work out, and when I changed I noticed that I had either a thrombosed vein or an occluded lymph vessel on the left side of my unit, mid shaft. I’ve had them before and know what they look and feel like. I was disappointed to see that, as I didn’t want to have my routine interrupted again.

So I did my workout (I’m just getting back into jogging), and after jogging/running for a half hour or so, I went home and spent an hour push-mowing the lawn. Afterwards, when I took a shower, the thrombosed vein or occluded lymph vessel looked normal - no sign of it whatsoever. Can’t see it, can’t feel it.

Is it possible that the workout/lawnmowing addressed the problem? Or am I just crazy? Or both.

11/09 - Egms 6.375, Bpel 6.25; 9/10 - Egms 6.6, Bpel 7.0 1/12 Egms 6.6, Bpel 7.0