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Am I a shower

Am I a shower

I measure between 4.3-5 inches flaccid depending on the day.

Measurement is NBP and the penis is left pointing downwards.

Is this classified as a shower?

Only if it points to the right is it a shower:p

I am not sure what the definition is for a shower, but I figure if you have a significant amount of your erect length whilst flaccid, you are a shower. I’d guess about 75+% is a good enough mark to start the shower classification debate at… or you could always do a search. No doubt a true PE veteran will chime in with a more sensible answer.

Originally Posted by GatorLandon
What is your NBPEL?

Varies between 5.7-6.1

As average flaccid length is reported to be 3.5 inches, I would definitely put you in the “show-er” category. I measure 5.25” flaccid and walking around the locker room you’d think I was a freak by some of the looks I get.

With a 4.3-5 inch FL and a 5.7-6.1 inch EL, I would defiantly think your a shower.

Example, I’m 4.5 FL with a 7” NBP - grower here.

IMO I would say yes.

I’m more interested in understanding why it’s important to know. :confused:

I am the EXACT same! My erect length varies between pretty much those numbers as well as flaccid hang. I admire the thickness of my flaccid, which is between 4.0”-5” Balloon and then look at your flaccid hang. Monstrous!

Lev there is no real point to it except you look like you are packing mean meat when you are a shower. Combining being a shower and going commando and you get a lot of crotchwatchers.

Yeah, you are definitely a shower…

I’d definitely say you’re a shower. Either that, or depending on your erect length, you might be just normal. Neither a shower, nor a grower. :P But assuming you’re on this forum for a reason, and assuming you don’t have a 9-10” Penis, I’d come to the conclusion of a shower :P

Second Attempt:

Starting [July 19th, 2013]: BPEL: 6.00" MSEG: 4.50" BPFL: 4.00" FG: 4.00"

Goal: BPEL: 7.00" MSEG: 5.5" FL: 4.00"

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