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Always turtle after jelqing


Always turtle after jelqing

I’ve always had the trouble of turtling after jelqing. I’ve never gone above 170 or so jelqs after 1.5 months or so of jelqing. I recently started up again, and am at about 90 jelqs and I still turtle. Today I only did 50 to see what would happen, and I turtled once again. Not only this, but my penis feels kinda “worn out”, is this supposed to happen?

I warm up and warm down with a rice sock for 5 minutes each, and I jelq very lightly, only a tad tighter than the girth of my penis. Any ideas?

How often are you jelqing? Not everyday I hope.

2 on 1 off.

I would stick with just doing 50 jelqs for a few days. See what happens. It sounds like you are over doing something. This is just a suggestion.

I’ll try that, thanks brace. As of right now I’m going for EQ and not any gains, so this is a good idea.

For best EQ, I should stick to jelqing at around 50% erection right?

Is jelqing the only exercise you do?

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petitfaun, just the standard newbie routine but working up to 200 jelqs. Warm up, stretch for 5 minutes, jelq, warm down.


If 50 jelqs is still too much for you, try doing even less. It’s better to undertrain than overtrain.

Just because doing 200 jelqs works for others doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you. You have to find your magic number. Is it 30 or 20 jelqs? Experiment with lower intensity routines.

When I started I really did feel that I was up to a maximum of only 30 jelqs, but I didn’t listen to my body, I pushed myself to doing 200 jelqs. That one set me back big time. I lost my EQ, I was numb and couldn’t get it up for about a week.

If your EQ is really low this time, anywhere between 30% and 60% erection is okay. And if your erection level goes up or down within this range while jelqing it’s okay as well.

This thread might help, check it out:

Caboose’s Penis Enlargement Guide

superstrat, I’m not sure if this is right because I first started PEing a long time ago, but I started with the linear newbie routine where you start with 20 jelqs and go up very slowly, I believe by 10 or 20 jelqs a week. If I recall correctly, I was still turtling then, but I’ll have to try again to be sure. Thanks for the post, I will try to do even less than 50.

You’re welcome :-)

Also, You might want to start doing a “cool down” after your workout. I am sure I read somewhere that it reduces the chances of turtling.

Originally Posted by alborz
Also, You might want to start doing a “cool down” after your workout. I am sure I read somewhere that it reduces the chances of turtling.

Is a cool down the same thing as a warm down? Currently I warm down with a rice sock for 5 minutes.

You should also try out 1 on 1 off. Think this way: you can gain with doing less exercise so start from the bottom and then build it up. It takes time to find the best solution, just keep it easy and watch for your PI-s. Also if you masturbate often it would be well worth reducing it and see if this helps.

I started the noobie routine, but am doing 1 on 1 off. It’s working better for me that way, and I’m seeing flaccid gains, though I haven’t measured yet. Like Cayance says, it’s better to start with less and build your way up. If what you’re doing is giving you any kind of negative results, take it easy and scale things back. I think in everything it’s important to listen to your body, a lot of times it knows things your brain doesn’t.

I did 45 low pressure jelqs and while I didn’t turtle right away, it happened after 5 minutes or so. The thing is, it’s not a complete turtle- if I stretch it out with my hand for a second or do helicopters, it easily stretches out to an elongated state. The first thing that comes to mind is my lube- right now I use a water based CVS brand lube, maybe I should switch to baby oil or something else.

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