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Always turtle after jelqing


There is nothing wrong with your penis turtling, it is just nature’s way. Your package has regulatory actions that occur all the time based upon any number of stimulus. It does not matter, it will not effect growth aspects, it is perfectly NATURAL. Just let it turtle because it always will and it will never matter; I have turtled every day of my life and still have a net gain of 2”. It just does not factor into anything.

another thing to consider is if you are naturally usually in a turtled state (not uncommon especially for us growers) then after a PE routine if you are going back into a turtled state it may not be because of your routine. It could be simply that it is going to take a long time to train your penis to not turtle so much.

when I first started years ago I was a grower and my penis was always in a “turtled” state. It is now trained more so it does not turtle as often, but if I over PE it will turtle in.

Very good points. I guess I’m looking into this too much.

Laeh, I used to usually be in a turtled state, but since I have been drinking the erection tea and taking ginkgo biloba, I’ve noticed that it hangs down a good amount.

I really don’t see the occasional turtle as a big deal, I think after PE of any kind the natural instinct of the dick is to retract, it’s almost as if it’s saying to us “let me heal for a moment I’ve had enough” at least you know you’ve given your unit a good workout, that’s one way to look at it, (if you know you arnt way overdoing it)

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Progress routine and pics/vids

My typical day routine now is manual stretch for 15 minutes, ADS for 8 - 9 hours, then a few sets of clamping. If I clamp too much I will start to turtle soon after taking off the clamp. If I clamp just right then I will stay very full for 20 minutes or more and for the rest of the evening it will remain plump with a long flaccid. So, turtling can be a PI to watch, but, don’t let it be the main one you watch. I personally track EQ and night/morning wood as more important PI’s.

Alex, good to hear that the tea and ginkgo are helping. I also take things sometimes to help with the flaccid. In general I now have a much larger flaccid than when I started PE, even when not taking supplements.
Keep up the effort and it will pay off.

I changed up my routine a little bit and it seems to be working well against turtling.

First, I went from 5 minutes of stretching to 2.5 minutes of stretching. I’m doing two sets of 15 seconds of L,R,U,D,S stretches, and increasing each stretch by one second every session.

Second, I went back to doing 40 jelqs and increasing it by 5 or so jelqs every session. I also lowered the intensity a little bit. Most importantly, I’m jelqing at a lower erection level, from 70-80% to around 40-50% now.

Gaining will most likely take much longer with these changes, but EQ is my highest concern right now. Better safe than sorry as well, won’t ever have to worry about getting injured.

Alex, there is a fair chance that if this routine gives you better EQ then it could actually give you gains faster too :)

Edit: Didn’t notice how old the thread was

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I second the advice about the cool down. It helps to get rid of inflammation and pain. Also you might try to decrease your erection level when jelqing. Just the difference between 70% and 50% can make a huge difference and help to keep you injury free.


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