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Always interested but never found a need till now.

Always interested but never found a need till now.

Hey guys,
I started getting interested in PE when I was around 21 but my girlfriends were always happy with my size (approx 7BPEL x 4.75EG, I haven’t really measured) so I never really felt a need to start PE. I tried it for a couple weeks back then and noticed some gains pretty quickly but never kept up with it. Now I started seeing this new girl that before we slept together talked about how she liked a “thick” penis so I decided to start back up again. She seems happy with my size but I would like to give her a “little more”. I stated back up pretty routinely about 2 months ago and haven’t noticed any real gains like I did the first time, I doing the newbie routine mixed with some girth exercises (Sadsak Slinky, Horses squeezes, ect.) couple days on, couple days off, whenever I really get a chance and for no more then 30 min. I would like to hit 8x5.5-6.

So my question is what are some of the most important threads that I should really take a look at? (Please post the links below)
And if you have any other comments or helpful tips please feel free to share as I would like to start seeing some results sooner.


You’re asking everybody else to do alot of work collecting info for you, I don’t mean to be rude but you should really just read damn near eveything!

You probably wont gain a whole lot of length on just what you have mentioned. Manual stretches are good but you’re focusing on alot of girth exercises.

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Honestly, just do the Newbie Routine as-written for the first 12 weeks. Don’t mix in other exercises until later. The Newbie routine is proven to be effective while also minimizing the risk of injury. Of course, during this time you’ll want to read everything on this site. Then you can make an educated decision (and ask intelligent questions) when you finish the Newbie and need to decide where to go from there. Good luck.


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Hey thanks guys..

Sorry I didn’t mean to be asking for others to do the work for me, I have done a lot of reading in the last couple months and have found a lot of useful information but was just wondering of there were any posts that really stuck out as being pretty important to some members. Thanks for getting back.

After you finish the newbie routine, I’d personally say hit up the pumpers forum or maybe the hangers. They have their own advice on what kind of stretches may help with girth over link. Ultimately I think you’ll end up at BigGirtha’s clamping thread, but I wouldn’t advise it until you have 6 months to a year of pe experience. The potential for injuries are definitely there.


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