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Alternative ways to warm up


Originally Posted by JelqVader
Hump a radiator.

Useless post

I use a ‘bed buddy’ I got from Walmart. Basically a commercial rice-sock.

Originally Posted by JelqVader
Hump a radiator.

I’m laughing so hard ahahaha

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Alternative Warm Up

If you guys have trouble with warming up using a warm towel there are other ways. One way is by heating up a rice sock which is just like the warm towel but should last longer. Another way is by using warm water and sticking your penis in it until you feel warmed up.

Originally Posted by
Hi I’ve just been warming up with my hands until now waiting till it feels really warm when I change hands, will this be enough? And are there any good ways to warm it up that’s not rice socks or warm cloths?


I am using a face cloth and hot water from the water heater. When the temperature is enjoyable, I wrap it around my penis and balls!!
Maybe you have to repeat it, when its getting cold!


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