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Alternative to hanging

Alternative to hanging

Hey guys,

Whenever I hear of a method for doing something, my usual reaction is to try to think of the BEST possible method for doing it. So when I heard of hanging as a PE technique, I began to think of ways that it could be done, effectively, without using weights. Tell me what you think of this. Two washers, connected along the edges by springs maybe an inch long. This leaves a hole in between that the average flaccid penis can easily fit into. Have the inside of each washer lined with a few rubber nubs that can be tightened once the washers are around the shaft. That way, the washers can be reasonably expected to stay on the penis, but the amount of pressure can be controlled by tightening or loosening the nubs. Basically I think what I’ve described so far is an average collar for hanging, except instead of gripping a large area of the tunica, only two rings are gripped, and with rubber nubs instead of full rings of rubber. Then comes the interesting part. After the washers are placed on the shaft of the penis, spread them apart until you can feel a stretch in the tunica, and then put in a metal peg (probably screw it in so it wouldn’t pop out) that keeps the apparatus from re-compressing. Wham - you get to control the amount of stress you put on your tunica, and you don’t have to hang weights. Also there is the added benefit of the stress being entirely localized on the tunica - since the stretching is purely a result of outward stress in opposing directions along the length of the shaft, there is no stress being placed on the glans, which could be a concern with hanging with weights.

Does this sound feasible, or am I just not doing my homework and has someone already come up with this? If this is a poor explanation please let me know and I’ll try to explain better.

The blood's gotta go somewhere.

That’s a stretcher unless I’m missing something and stretchers are a way around hanging if you don’t want to hang.

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Ok! Yeah, that does sound like a more accurate term to describe what the device would do.

The blood's gotta go somewhere.

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