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Alternate method for doing the squeeze

Alternate method for doing the squeeze

Does anybody use this method for doing the squeeze? With an erection of about 75% you take an ok grip with one hand at the base and another ok grip with the other hand on the shaft just below the head. Once you have both ok grips in place you squeeze the penis for a period of about 5 seconds with both hands simultaneously. After holding the squeeze for 5 seconds you rest for a period of 3 seconds. Then repeat. I usually do this to 50+ reps. I don’t do this very often as I think that jelqs are better but when I’m running short on time I’ll just get in a few squeezes in place of the jelqs. Anybody else use this method? Cheers.

No, but mayby I might try that method.

Hmm. I don’t think I would consider doing those being new and all. Then newbie routine is well advised.

If you continue those, you probably won’t be doing them long.


What is the nebiwe way


I’m new in such thing, what is the newbie way to enlarge your penis

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