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Already Grew With Worst Routine Ever

Originally Posted by dhhh
Hey Concrete, lol nice name.. So what is your routine like? How long you been at it and how much have you been able to gain with it?

Glad you like my nickname, yours is pretty neat too ;)

Well in the beginning I just stretched for a few months which gave me my first length gains. After that I have been highly inconsistent, jelqing for a couple of days at a time, followed by weeks of inactivity. I also used to do occasional stretches but nothing even remotely systematic. After about a year of this I have gained close to an inch in length and about 0.2 in girth, making me approximately 7 x 5.5 NBPEL.

Recently, I have started jelqing every other day for about 5 minutes at relatively high erection levels. I don’t stretch anymore as I’d rather have girth with some length ‘extras’ than the other way around.

I’m with sta-kool on the newbie routine being too much probably for a lot of folks.

Just wondering did you ejaculate and have sex/masturbate often during this period?

Not particularly often, but I’ve hardly ever abstained for longer than a week.

Edit: I assumed you asked me king, feel free to disregard this post if your question was aimed at the thread starter ;)

Hey it was for original dude but the more responses the merrier. I’m planning on doing a ‘less is more’ routine also but wondered if you guys on this type of routine were also doing less of that other not so important stuff you can do with your penis :-)

Sta-kool, thanks for the info and links. Kevin12 hadn’t gained in this thread or much since (I looked it up), but I learned there may be more to the jelq than I thought.. Next time I jelq I will take it real slow and figure out if I am doing them right. I usually go pretty fast with my jelqs, but the slower the better is all I have read.

Also, I did another stretch session and I’m flaccid hanging way bigger. I noticed my skin is all mushed together too, reminds me of one of those mushed faced dogs but not as ugly.

On another note, I think the main thing that gave me my length gain was when I did the 1 time stretch after the 4 jelq sessions. My ligs were sore after that for a day or two. I did another stretch session yesterday, my ligs are quite sore still. I do not do anything extreme or even pull at full strength or for very long. How sore should the ligs be and for how long? Is it better to rest until the pain is gone or continue?

Also, I been starting to do fowfers for about 30 mins a day too. I feel kind of gay, but I’m not. =] I need a girl.

Originally Posted by kingdong69
Just wondering did you ejaculate and have sex/masturbate often during this period?

Hey Kingdong,
Sorry I did not see your post earlier. Yeah I was ejaculating a lot during this period, averaging probably two or more times a day. Like I said earlier, I need a girl..

Update on what I have been doing since:
Haven’t really done much since but my gains are still there. I’ve done maybe 3 very short and light jelq sessions and half a stretch session.

I read an interesting thing about stretching rat tail tendons with heating up and stretching and then keeping heat on them for a warm down period afterwards which allows the tissue to stay stretched. This post made a lot of sense as I do a really good warm up and cool down always with a hot-pad too. I can’t find the post now.. Warming up correctly also makes stretches less painful I noticed.

I did the careful jelqing I was talking about with Sta-kool. I did feel that I don’t have to grip as hard and push as hard as I have been either. After a few reps I felt like I got a pretty good workout. Squeezing more on the sides gave me a bigger blood push and adjusting my grip in certain areas ensured I was not letting blood leak out as I jelqed. I advise everyone to take a step back and make sure you are doing your jelqs correctly.

still growing

Just thought I’d give an update. I am now at 7” from 6.5” when I started 3 months ago with doing very little PE. Since my last routine update I have gained another 1/4”.

Here is what I have done since my original post:
2.5 more jelqing sessions (I jelq about 10-15 mins, 2-3 second jelqs with high intensity)
4 quite short stretching sessions (mainly BTC, a few cranks, and one or two quick pulls in every direction)
2 or 3 piss pulls at work (straight down and out)
4 fowfers session lasting about 1 hours each. (usually don’t get a good stretch, just stick it down there and sit on it)
20 or so JAI stretches (didn’t pull too hard)
15 Edging squeezes (go right to about to ejeculate and squeeze very hard with one hand, sometimes two)

One other thing that I made up myself (I haven’t seen it on any posts) was 4 or 5 errect stretches straight out when errect. I could see the penis growing as I pulled here, same with the edging squeezes.

I tried to make an ADS but failed at it, wore it for like 20 mins and after after my head went purple and hurt I got turned off of that as I didn’t want to risk discoloration and or doing major damage to my member.

Also, I have strech marks all over my back and hips so I think it is something my body is sensitive too… (i am not overweight, most of the major stretch marks have come from growing fast) So my skins make up is what I think has caused after my second jelq session two noticible stretch marks, forming over the top mid shaft of my penis about half a centimeter apart. These have been getting a little bigger and there is one other forming midway under the shaft now. I have been doing jelqs mainly with normal thick vaseline, but now have got some nivea lotion. I have put some vitamin E enriched (fully abosrbing) vaseline on there today and am hoping the stretch marks will disappear if I take it easy with the jelqs and keep using vitamin E products.

Anyone have some insite/comments/advice on my good gains with such a week routine? I’ll be happy to go into any details if anyone is interested to find out more.

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Get in the habit of pillow fowfers- they come naturally pretty quick and keep your unit plump and warm.

Olive oil should help prevent stretch marks- or at least that’s what I remember from my ‘big’ days.

Once you have them, then there may be some scar reduction creams that may help- Mederma perhaps.

Sta-kool offers up a reasonable take- when in doubt, cut your training volume back. If the newb routine is too much, do half.

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Cool gains. I’ll have to try that for my girth.

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What are pillow fowfers?

Pillow fowfers is when you stretch your penis back between your cheeks and sit on a pillow so you don’t cut the circulation as bad as if you had done it without a pillow… I think.

“riggedy-riggedy-wreck yourself”

Funniest thing I’ve seen all day haha.

dhhh, as you know I have also seen quick gains.

What I’m interested to know is about your starting indicators.

What exit point did/do you have? What is your LOT and erection angle?

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