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Almost One Month of PE with results

Almost One Month of PE with results

Hi guys. Well It’s been almost one month of doing the Advanced Newbie Routine and I thought I would share my good news to this great community, I measured my self at least 10 times to make sure I was not making a mistake but it appears I have increased my girth by .20 and .30 on length, I’m really happy to get any results even if its from increased blood flow, but none the less it has given me motivation to keep going, but I do have one question. My Dorsal Vain has also gotten really prominent its kinda a dark color, is this normal? Is it supposed to get bigger when you PE?

Nice gains.

The veins in your dick will become more prominent. How dark is dark? Discolorisation can be a side effect, but I doubt it will appear on your dorsal vein alone - no doubt someone will step in and correct me, but it may be an optical illusion due to more of a shadow?

I don’t know if veins get bigger, but they appear to be bigger once you start PE, but that may be due to them being more prominent rather than an actual size increase.

Keep up the good work.:)

Be careful with veins. Bigger veins could be a good sign as they could indicate better blood flow and an adaption to gaining a bigger penis. However, if it is just one vein that this is happening to it could mean the vein was slightly damaged and a clot formed to stop the damage/ rupture and it makes blood flow harder in that vein, the pressure builds up, and the vein gets bigger and bulges more. It happened to me, and it will go away with a short break.

To identify if this is the case; is there a stiffness you feel in your penis/ in the vein? Does it feel like you have a rubberband under your skin? Is there any discoloration at any point along this vein? If so, take a few days off. Take low dose aspirin, apply hot wrap, massage with vitamin E lotion. Take caution to this area in the future, and once your penis is recovered take notes of every spot/ vein for future reference.

Thanks for the reply guys, Well I woke up this morning and had a hard time getting an erection, something I normally don’t have problems with but that could be because I’m anxious , I felt the vein and it’s soft all over I also looked at my old pics and compared the ones I took just now and can definitely say that my veins are more prominent, there is no discoloration whats so ever.

I remember my penis feeling really stiff and hard last night after I was doing kegels, I does not feel like I have a rubberband under there tho. But I do have a burning sensation inside my penis but that could be because I have kidney stones. As of right now I’m too scared to continue but I don’t want to quit, any advice?

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Also I would like to add my routine, I did 30 jelqs for first week, then 40 jelqs second week, with every other day, so 4 days on and 3 days off, then at week 3 till now I did 50 jelqs but with two rest days to make sure I did not hurt myself, and of course I warmed up before and after each session and did kegels.

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Nice gains man just on my 4Th day and I see a little difference.

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