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Almost half a year now .

Almost half a year now .

I’ve been on and off doing PE probably since 10 years ago, but now I’ve been regularly doing PE for 5 months now. The longest time I’ve ever done it, usually before I only lasted about a month. I started with the beginner exercise, 5 mins warm up 5 minutes manual stretching (1 minute each every direction) 10 minutes jelqing 5 mins warm up 5 mins 5 second hold kegel. Now my routine consist of 5 mins warm up 15 minutes stretching 30 minutes jelqing 5 minutes warm up 15 minutes kegel.

I never measure it up these days, but my measurement about 5 years ago around 5.5” in length when erect and 4” in circumference. Well, one thing that noticeably like many other people, my erection seems fuller. I don’t know about increase in length but there’s probably an increase in girth a bit, probably not more than 0.25”.

I read the forums and can assume there’s a group of big gainer and there’s a group of small gainer and the other group gains nothing at all. I’m 31yo. I am just wondering is the main affecting factor is age ? My guess is when you’re younger your body is more adapting to changes. Can anyone on their 30 and is a big gainer too ?

And what do you guys recommend for my next set of PE workout. There’s too much of information in this site and I don’t know what to do after I’ve done my beginner workout for 6 months.


There’s a line of thought were you might get gains more readily if you are older. I got decent gains after learning about PE and starting it in my 30s.

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