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Almost full erection when Jelqing

Almost full erection when Jelqing

Hi guys,

From my understanding when doing wet jelqs you’re supposed to have an erection of about 50-80%, is this correct?

My problem is I get erect past 90% very quickly and it’s almost impossible for me not to be less erect while jelqing.

Is it dangerous to jelq with such an erection? Should I wait a while for my erection to go down between each jelq or does that go against the purpose?

Thank you

Yep you shouldn’t jelq at such a high erection level, 50-70 % is more than enough for a newbie. I even feel more expansion around these EL.

It sounds like you are a horny man, so perhaps take care of this before you start. You should get used to it anyway, control your arousal (mind + body) as you jelq, deep breathing should help too.

I hope you warm up!

Yeah I haven’t had an orgasm in almost 100 days, that’s probably why. It sounds crazy I know, but I did it as part of a porn detox and now I can get extremely horny by just my own body sensations.

Since I’m on such a spree I want my next orgasm to be during sex.

Is having long intervals between each jelq a bad thing? That’s the only solution I can think for now, that and learning to control my erections better.

I suggest you just edge plenty, and do erect kegels. Once you’re back to high-normal horniness you can jelq.

Now go get laid.

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