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Allow me to introduce myself

Allow me to introduce myself

Hi all

This is my first post after some time spent reading. Finally I was able to subscribe.

Here’s what I am looking for from PE: I’m quite happy with my erect length and girth though these are not above average (About 6.7BPEL and 5.2girth). My problem is flaccid appearance. Sometimes I only have about 1 inch of shaft plus the head. It looks ridiculous and as I’m circumcised, I even have rolls of skin coming over the head. If I shake it around a bit or pull, the flaccid length increases but it’s that awful sight when I take my pants off in the changing rooms at the gym or at the physio that I hate. I know this is a fairly common problem and I think we are called growers. So what I am looking for is permanent increase in minimum flaccid length. I live in a hot climate, so it’s not the cold that is a problem.

I have a very busy day and don’t have a lot of spare time, so I can’t spend an hour a day, or even 30 minutes a day dedicated to exercises. I also work in a school so I most certainly cannot wear any ADS device. My current exercises consist simply of a few 30-second downward stretches whenever I get the time, eg. When going to the bathroom, in the shower, during siesta, at bedtime if my wife isn’t in the room. I know that jelqing works on erect size because I’ve used it in the past when I did have time, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference to the turtle’s head effect. Any suggestions? Please remember that I cannot dedicate a lot of time but I do have to sit at home for about an hour each evening preparing the following day’s classes if there’s anything that can be done then.

I know it sounds like I want the results without the work, but I can’t do a lot about my schedule.


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I think that JAI stretches help with flaccid size, and also look up on fowfers. Some members swear by them for flaccid size.

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

Thank you Whiskey-fish and Chicken, I will try to incorporate these Kegels and JAI both into my ‘routine’.

Bed fowfers. And an around the waist-ads/down the knee ads.

regards, mgus

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I tried to find information on JAI but couldn’t find it. I know I’ve seen it before, so I know it’s out there. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Originally Posted by Savage Rabbit
I tried to find information on JAI but couldn’t find it. I know I’ve seen it before, so I know it’s out there. Could someone point me in the right direction?

There you go: JAI Stretch Video
By the way, do warm ups. Maybe you should buy a heating pad or lamp.

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Thanks. I’ve just discovered that it’s on the front page if you scroll down. Doh! That’s what a lack of time will do. I use a rice sock in the microwave to warm-up. I wish I could use that for the rest of me.

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