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All the tools and no motivation

All the tools and no motivation

It’s been a long road for me like many fellow growers. Right now I’m 21 and have know about many exercises since I was 14! At the most I have seriously given PE a chance 3-4 times, each time lasting no longer than 3 months.

Struggle: I am 6’2 by 205 black guy, that is a sports (HS and college) standout. At about 6.25-6.5 BPEL (used to be 5.5 and 6) and 5 EG it has never felt like enough. The added length has been due to aging as I have said I have known about PE since 14. Never really had any real issues, but I feel like I have the total package (besides car and apt) except for my average “package” haha.

Tools and Motivation: Around 6 months ago I figured I will never want to put in true hours to PE, as I really love my penis and am satisfied with my size. I know it’s a contradiction to most, but I guess I’m a “size king” haha, and just want and desire a true total package. So I took my PE game up a notch a got a BATHMATE 6 months ago, and just yesterday an x4 labs extender. Bathmate I probably used 30 times, and love the hell out of it! Now I have the extender I feel the pressure to GO ALL IN and make gains, but in the back of my mind like many there is doubt. My doubt isn’t IF PE works, but CAN I stick to a routine long enough for it to work.

Any inspiration is welcome and this is my first thread. I might make it a challenge to myself or even turn it into a PE log. So look forward to hearing from TP brotherhood.

My bad if this is poorly written but I was in a rush in more ways then one.

Your post isn’t poorly written at all, shomuff40.

I’m going to assume that you are not in a long term relationship. That changes things. Note that there are downsides to having a larger penis, and if you don’t have a regular partner, you’re in an ever-changing world of partners, some of whom may not be as comfortable with someone who is ‘larger’.

A little more size shouldn’t put you out of consideration for most women, but it sounds like you have a pretty good, well rounded life and a healthy perspective on things. You will do PE regularly when you are motivated enough to do so, and that only comes from within. As you wrote, you are satisfied with your size already. It’s perfectly legitimate for PE to be less of a priority for you.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

That actually really makes sense for PE to be less of a priority. I have a lot of time on my hands but why force it. I can part-time PE? Might be enough to make gains, but if not when I do get serious enough I will be well conditioned. I do have a GF and she is “fine” with my size, and can even get to be too much from time to time. She told me size didn’t matter till she had a big dick and I always believed that to be true with most women. A bigger dick (inch longer and .5 girth) would really put me in a comfort zone. I feel I’m already cool in my own skin (never been insecure) ,but with those PE gains id feel flawless. I’m a lazy perfectionist if you get my drift.

How did you become a sports standout with that attitude, fool?

How do some guys have larger penises than others without doing PE? Athletic ability, like penis size, does not have a level playing field as a starting point.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Originally Posted by SirKyle
How did you become a sports standout with that attitude, fool?

I don’t think it’s necessary to belittle the op with name calling.

Originally Posted by SirKyle
How did you become a sports standout with that attitude, fool?

I have always been a lazy trainer, and never put as many consistent hours in the gym/weight room as I should have. Even though I’m a standout it’s mostly of natural ability and I have/keep holding myself back from reaching my full potential. That applies to school for me as well.

Another thing that set me apart is my desire to win.I consider myself to be a “hard-nosed player” and also an animal. I do any and everything to win when it’s game time. I used to be a hot head but have turned it more into being passionate.

Lampwick summed that up, but I just put in my life input.

^^^My last post applies for PE as well. Give my all in the bedroom, but I’m seriously slacking when trying to reach my PE be goals. Aha my life is a trip (no joke).

Simply put, if you want to do it.. Do it !

Beat your dick like it's an opponent on the field

In this corner, standing 6’ 2” weighing 205 lbs is shomuff40.. And in this corner standing erect at 6.5” with a 5” erect girth is Mushroom-Head! Who will win in this epic battle, the thinking “big head” or the ever-misleading “little head?”

Little head wants you to tap that chubby little athletic department slut who’s always staring at you.. The big head would cave only if he could be sure no one would find out.

Little head wants you to sleep in late, and will even reward you with morning wood for not jumping out of bed to get started on a little early morning training.

Little head wants you to blow your load, even if you’re alone. Even if it’s shortly before a competition.. Is it true that doing that really weakens your legs? Lol

Little head will tell you that “feeling good is good enough.”

But the big head wants to do more. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, and easily satisfied with a momentary mucous-spewing spasm.

Seriously, frame your PE workout as a mini competition. A race against the clock. Give yourself 10 minutes in the shower to PROVE your lazy dick wrong. Your gonna box him about the head and show him who’s master of his domain. Try to see the PE session as “the game” and not as training. Also use your self-admitted laziness, or relative laziness compared to your max potential, to your advantage.

Honestly, one of the best parts of PE is that it can feel good. Just have fun playing with your dick for a few minutes a day. There’s a danger to using this as your sole motivation. Lots of newbies, myself included, have used bad judgement in engaging in a regimen that is less discipline and more about getting certain “feelings.” So be careful of that downside, maintain a minimal amount of good judgement and discipline. But in the beginning stages, a little natural laziness, or in other words, unwillingness to do more than the minimum, could be a good thing. The newbie tendency to over-train can lead to injury.

So some asshole out there (actually some dickhead, in your pants) is laughing at you because you can’t do 300 jelqs 3 times a week. Beat his ass, prove him wrong. Grab him by his turkey neck and put him in a headlock, shake him up a bit, and squeeze him till his bull-eye bulges out.

Just do the newbie routine. Not more than the newbie routine. Not less than the newbie routine. Look at it as if you got 3 or 4 games per week. Get into the game and compete, turn on that raging desire to win. Start your work out. But then chill, enjoy the sensation of the strokes, after 10 or 15 minutes call it quits for the day and soak in a little warm/hot water. Done. Or..

.Learn to be happy with the dick you got.

There isn’t a third choice.

"That which is measured, grows." (author unknown, corporate slogan at Microsoft)

Shomuff40, your story is a lot like mine. I too discovered pe when I was around 14 except I didn’t do much in the way of sports in highschool so I had a lot of free time to pe. Now that I’m busy as hell and lifting heavy 4-5 days a week I’ve had to learn a few motivational tactics to get me through.

I have to warn you first about overtraining, both for pe and exercise. If you strain you groin you can still push yourself on the field but if you over tax your nerves from pushing yourself too had then forget about pe until your rested. I had to relearn that lesson just last week.

For motivation when you’re happy with your size focus not on getting bigger to please you partner but to keep your erection healthy. You can still make great gains but not as mch as someone whose nsecurites are forced into pe. So just focus on one aspect you would change about your penis instead and focus mainly on that. For me its my smaller head that takes forever to grow but I’m still happy with me. Once you your motivation in mind make up a pe program you know you can do like 10min with the bathmate then a few hundred jelqs or 1 and 1/2 jelqs. If you can do more then just perform 1 new exercise for 50-100 reps or a few minutes of steching/holds to your routine them take a day off and focus on your PI. Do not, I repeat do not go more than a month before giving yourself a week off. If after that week you feel like you can do more then next time try going 4 days a week instead of 3 and take it from there.

Do not get into the mindset of more is better because it will come back to hauntyou when you’re too tender to touch yourself and can’t get a descent erection for weeks.

Originally Posted by capernicus1

Simply put, if you want to do it.. Do it !


I think everyone needs start a personal thread, because this is really motivating to me. Seriously I think it’s beneficial all.
I’m thinking I will use this as a mini routine log of weekly productivity. That should be just enough to keep me on my “A-game”.

BTW busting a nut the night before or morning of the game works, but hours before.HELL NAH lol.unless I have a seriously BAD dame on my hands (always exceptions to the rules)

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