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All Positive PIs have stopped and my penis has reverted to before I began PE

All Positive PIs have stopped and my penis has reverted to before I began PE

Looking for some advice from the vets.

I’ve been doing this for 2 months. At first, my dick was responding great! Large (well, figuratively speaking of course), fluffed flaccid that would last almost all day. My balls would hang great and I would have morning wood every day. These things were very promising considering I was always shriveled so small that my 5 yr old hung better than I did.

Now after 2 months, it’s lost all what I considered flaccid gain. Erect, I seem to be gaining ever so slightly or I didn’t measure correctly in the beginning. I don’t have morning wood anymore and during PE it’s just not responding like it did in the beginning.

2 scenarios are happening:

1. My penis is now accustomed to the workout routine so the workout is not a shock anymore. I guess like when you lift the same amount of weight for so long that your muscles grow accustomed to the weight and it doesn’t require as much effort to lift it so you don’t get that great pump after the workout. I have increased/changed my workout over the last 2 months. I’ll explain how in a sec.

2. I’m not working out frequently enough and it just isn’t enough to stimulate growth. I know this sounds a lot like #1 but that scenario concerns the exercises I’m using to stimulate growth and #2 is concerning the frequency of my workouts.

OK. Here is my routine. I first started out with a 1 day on/1 day off. Great response to this frequency. I’d do a 5 min hot wrap, 5 min manual stretch, 10 min jelq (I figured out that I was doing a power jelq), end with a 5 min hot wrap.

I did this over 2 weeks and then increased the frequency to 2 days on/1 day off. Immediately I noticed negative PIs. My flaccid wouldn’t maintain it’s fluffed state but a few minutes after my workout. I then switched back to 1 day on/ 1 day off because I thought I was over training even though my workout was pretty mild in terms of normal members’ workouts. I gradually increased the stretching to 10 min and increased the jelqing to 15. I added standard jelqs (10 min) kept up the power jelqs (5 min) and now after 2 months, I’ve added dry jelqs which my penis has responded well too during the workout. I finally feel like my girth is being stretched. I keep my workouts to 30-35 minutes and I’m still doing 1 day on/1 day off even now after 2 months.

From my measurements, I may have gained a little in length and a few centimeters in girth but I changed measuring tapes since I’ve started so I really think there was just a slight difference in tapes. After the first 3 weeks of PE, sex got pretty amazing with my libido-less wife and she became interested in sex again. She commented on how she thought my dick was bigger (probably the cock ring I put on) but still I felt like a stud. She knows about my PE, which I started because my marriage was falling apart and our sex life had been non-existent for years. Her love for me has pretty much died out after 10 years and 3 kids later so it was nice for our relationship when sex was interesting again for her (we’d go months with no sex and I don’t masturbate very often.every 3-6 months if you believe that so my libido died as well). I started PE as a final desperate attempt to improve things between my wife and I (I’ve done the more important things already so fixing my dick problems is now important because she needs a man with a bigger dick and sex is important to her and me (3 kids really stretch things out) and I would literally blow my load after 3-4 pumps so this caused major emotional shut downs with her and it just put this brick wall between us physically. She said what would be the point of getting worked up only to be let down after I came. Kegels and PE have helped but now I feel things with my penis have reverted back to the beginning.

I guess I just need some feedback on my workouts. During my 10 min of stretching, I do some JAIs sometimes or V stretches but mostly I do standard manual stretching. I’ve added dry jelqs which I’m going to stick with for a month and see what it does. It seems to give a good stretch to my girth. I do them about 50-80% erect.

I’m considering going to a 3 day on/1 day off but I’d like to hear from you guys from your experience if this sounds like I’m actually under-training. I stuck with 1 day on/1 day off so long because it worked out well in the beginning but now maybe it isn’t enough.

Just getting frustrated. I know 2 months isn’t a long time in the PE world but at some point you have to listen to the little man downstairs and he just isn’t feeling studly anymore.

So what’s best? More advanced exercises with same frequency of 1 day on/1 day off or same workout but increase frequency?

Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone.

Starting stats:
6.25 BPEL
4 7/8 EG

6.5 BPEL (but I also have a slight bend which I straightened out so don’t think this is a gain as much as just getting the full length)
5 1/8 EG (could be caused by measuring with different tape)

Guy,you have a better result!hold on .

Rehdik Hello.

I think you have several issues going on and I’ll offer my best advice from my own personal experiences, nothing more.
But remember opinions and advice are like assholes and everyones got one. So take what applies and just file the rest for
a future time when it may seem like it makes more sense.

First I would throw the tape measure away. It’s really of no importance to anyone other than ourselves, and we are not in a competition here. At least I’m not. You’ll know when you’ve experienced some good gains just from the look and feel, and then take the measurement to congratulate yourself. Don’t measure frequently. It just leads to frustrations. For me growth or gains isn’t something that happens at a steady pace. For me, it’s more like I stay at a plateau for awhile and then suddenly I realize one day, damn it feels like I got some gains again.

I recently went through something like you described. I pump regularly. A couple of weeks back I noticed that I wasn’t holding the pumped up effect for very long at all. Then it got worse. I actually started turtle-ing after pumping, then I was sure I was losing gains. The final WTF came when I had a couple of experiences of almost complete “cock failure” during sex. That’s never happened to me. Reading a couple of other threads made me realize I was WAY over doing it. I backed off for awhile (2 or 3 weeks?) and went back to just doing some routine maintenance type stuff (some MINOR dry jelqing, MINOR stretching) and let things rest for a few weeks. Yes it was hard to leave my wanker alone for awhile, hence the “minor”.

I started back up with my old routine this week and changed it up a bit. The last two days I’ve had some awesome results.
The ole wanker’s been looking pretty thick and longer most of the last 2 days, and post work out good solid erections are there also.
Hell, I’ve been going to the bathroom twice as much today just to take a look at it. Imagine that - I’ve got penis envy over my own dick- lol.

SOOOO, the long and the short of it is that you’re either over doing it or under doing it. I’m hoping some of the seasoned vets here can chime in and help you figure out which it exactly is. After almost a year at this PE stuff, I really do consider myself to still be a newbie at it. I’m still learning what works and what doesn’t, because what works today may not still work tomorrow. I exploit what does work as long as it does and then change it up. Something that stopped working may indeed start working again at a latter date.
Kegels, jelqing wet or dry, and manual pulling or stretching will always be the good ole’ standbys. They never seem to stop working for me. BTW, am I the only one around here that gets a substantially bigger load if I kegel on a regular basis? (I’ve been told several times, “damn you almost drowned me”) Now if I could just remember to do them.

Now on to other issues.

I really hate to be the one to say this to you, but go back and read all that stuff on the main page that comes up before you log in.
Unfortunately it’s true; PE and / or a bigger dick is not going to fix a messed up or failing relationship. You’ve asked for a little advice and I’m pretty sure we can’t “solve” your problems for you. BUT, we can offer you all the support, feed back, and personal experience you can take. What worked for some of us in these same predicaments may or may not be of help to you. I hope that at least some of it is.

I’m a big believer in that ANY adversity in life can be overcome. ANY. IF all involved parties are willing and want to work at it (desire). AND if all involved parties have the fortitude, strength and personal convictions to see things through. If this describes you and the misses, then you’ve got a hundred different avenues you could explore. Everything from counseling to seeing a medical doctor, to offing the bitch (just kidding).

If want to know what I’ve gone through, go read my post in this thread : Patience… I think it’s on the second page of that thread and a follow up post farther down the same thread.
I’m actually glad I wrote that because we’ve come a long long way since those times and I forget just how bad it had got for us.

Maybe some of this meant somethings, and maybe none of it meant anything, but that’s been my take on things.


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I skimmed through your post, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a similar PEing thing for your wife.

Check out BlueZana’s posts (I think thats her name). She discusses steps for woman to improve their sex life with excercises. For example, teach your wife how to kegel.
Most of her information is also directed to women who have had children.

Marriage is a two way street. If your wife knows about your PEing and is fine with it, then you should get your wife to do some excercises.

The excercises are easier for a woman to do as well. Plus it makes the vagina tighter, even after childbirth.

Hey man, I`m no expert, but really you should tell your wife to start those tightening exercises. What you should do is get back your libido. I think that`s a very important thing. You must get the testoterone pumping in your blood like you were 16. There is no gooood sex life without sex drive.

About the PE, I`m also not an expert, but I think that you are over doing it. Just take a break 2-3 weeks, see what happens.

well for some reason the link I posted is not correct, I tried to repost it 3 times.

I have a hard time buying that your cock size has anything to do with why your relationship is fucked up to this extent.
Unless of course your dick is less than 2 inches erect. Simple kegels are more than enough to tighten even the loosest pussy if done consistantly and if she’s had 3 kids then the gyno’s probably already mentioned it. And if it’s that loose, well she’s got an arse doesn’t she?

As already mentioned, Zanes taken it to a level of perfection.

Nope I think you’ve got other problems.

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Originally Posted by RootCap
Well for some reason the link I posted is not correct, I tried to repost it 3 times.

I have a hard time buying that your cock size has anything to do with why your relationship is fucked up to this extent.
Unless of course your dick is less than 2 inches erect. Simple kegels are more than enough to tighten even the loosest pussy if done consistantly and if she’s had 3 kids then the gyno’s probably already mentioned it. And if it’s that loose, well she’s got an arse doesn’t she?

As already mentioned, Zanes taken it to a level of perfection.

Nope I think you’ve got other problems.

I appreciate the responses but I think I’m being misunderstood. My post wasn’t about my marital issues and I hope it didn’t sound like I was saying my dick size was the reason we were going through a rough time. Sex issues in a marriage are usually just symptoms of deeper issues within the relationship. The point I was trying to make was that we have worked out the deeper issues and are now working on making the sex better because sexual dysfunction on either the man or woman’s part (in this case me with my serious premature ejaculation) can lead to a pulling away physically if it becomes frustrating enough for either party. Pulling away physically eventually leads to pulling away emotionally and things just compound from there. I was trying to just say my reasons for starting PE in the first place was to fix this premature ejaculation issue I have and give a little bit of spice to our sex life by increasing the size of my penis which would be nice for her. The same dick for 10 years can certainly lead to certain boredom.

I was looking for advice on the whether or not the PIs I’m having or the reversion of what I considered positive PIs were from over training (which I just have a hard time believing) or under training to where I needed to bump up the frequency of workouts.

We’ve gotten the marital issues worked out or at least we’re doing much better so that isn’t the issues. I’m focusing on this PE thing because when your wife is just feeling beaten down by life (kids can do that to you) and her husband, who usually sucks in bed when it lasts 3 seconds except for oral but that gets old too when that’s all you do, one night comes to bed and fucks her brains out and gets to hear comments like, “Wow.your bigger and harder. That was fun!” When I heard that after 3 weeks of PE I got excited. Now, my dick seems to be going backwards.


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