All over again...

I’m back from my vacation.
Ive been PEing throughout the 1st month,
I almost never skipped a session.

But,like in many vacations.
As time passed i slowly neglected my PE.

Now,more than ever.i Really need to get back on the horse.
My personal life,my relationship demands it.

What was once a No-issue is now “the Issue”.
When i started back at June 9 i was 13.5cm.
I did (and still do) the newbe routine,amped up to follow a progress.

I gained a whole 1cm and currently my BPEL is 15.2cm.
I really want to add more,i have the dedication and patience.

I’m not sure whether my relationship will last to enjoy the final product,
But i am the optimistic type.

Since I’ve been doing PE for some time now,and still no major gain,
I am looking into hanging.

I’m frustrated.
Not for the lack of gains,but for the facts that now
My shortcomings Are the problem.

I always knew what to do,to say…
With this problem,there’s no immediate solution.
And i feel powerless to see how things fall apart slowly.

Even if we wont stay together.i want to continue on with something
I wont feel shame on.

Since i wasn’t here for some time,i was wondering if there is anything new,
Anything to help the progress.

My final goals are 17cm with a thicker rode to follow.
I’ve been doing some hand clamping at the end of my sessions.
Does not work for me.

I would love to have a new routine the might take things more hardcore.

Thanks ahead and sorry for my crude english