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All of these code words

All of these code words

Hi I’m new here.

I’ve tried to find the answers but they are evadeing me so it’s logical to ask

BP - Does the = Bone Press
EBP - If so this = something Bone Press
EG - This I have no idea about
FL - This also
FG - And this
NBP - I am guessing as No Bone Press
BP - Has to be bone Press

Could some one tell me what the ones I don’t know are please, and let me no if I am right with the other


EBP Erect Bone Pressed

EG Erect Girth

FL Flaccid Length

FG Flaccid Girth

NBP None Bone Pressed

Thankyou although I am disappointed I did not have the abillity to work this out as it so obvious now.

Thanks again


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