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All day stretching

All day stretching

Do I have to keep my dick lengthened out at all times during the day, besides when doing my routine, to make gains in length? Would this make any difference?

If you are using an ADS, it should be stretched out as much as you can bare. If you are not using an ADS, it won’t kill you to not have it stretched out. I think an ADS should not be worn continuosly non-stop for a whole day anyhow. It is just an aid to things already done via exercises of PE.

A few hours a day to help you out, depending on what type of routine you are doing. I am sure others who have more experience with this will chime in with an answer for you.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I have an ADS around here somewhere, but I’ve never been able to get up the courage to wear it out and about for any extended period of time. What if I’m at work or in class, and I find that my unit is cold? I could easily be in a situation in which I cannot simply run to the bathroom to remove a stretching device from my penis, and even if I did, where would I put it once I took it off?

In my personal opinion, I think it much safer and convenient to have a regular PE session, and then supplement that session throughout the day by doing piss pulls (stretching when you go take a leak) and traction wrapping .

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If you wear an ACE bandage, you could easily take it off and put it in your pocket. I have it on almost all the time. Not sure if it’s really helping or doing much.

I do the same as Chongo. I know it helps FL, the jury is still out on it promoting EL gains (at least with me anyway).


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