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All Day Stretcher - Rest days?

All Day Stretcher - Rest days?

Hi there

Wearing an All Day Stretcher - should one do rest days?

I guess there is at least one guy who said, idealy you would have All day stretcher on 24/7 and never let it turtle and let it heal in elongated state.

Then there are others that say 2 on 1 off, 3 on 1 off, 4 on 1 off, or 5 on 2 off.

Is there a bit of consensus on the forum, how do you guys who read more sort this?
What do you think? How do you do it (and why)?

I guess i’ll go for the 5 on 2 off for now.


For the most part all PE exercises work differently for different individuals. All of those schedules will work but for maximum results you have to find what your penis responds best to. The key with ADS is total amount of time spent in the device. So generally the more often you wear it, the faster the gains should be.

If you are solely using an ADS device then maybe you wouldn’t want to many rest days. Sometimes your dick just needs a break. Especially your glans with using any stretching device. If you are going to incorporate girth exercises as well then you will want to have rest days. At least with regards to those exercises.

Is it ok to work out while wearing and ADS or extender? I mean phisical workout, push ups/squats/etc??

Originally Posted by train spot
Is it ok to work out while wearing and ADS or extender? I mean phisical workout, push ups/squats/etc??

I wanna know this too.

3/18 NBPEL 5.5 EG 4.25

Current NBPEL 6 EG 5.1

If you can do the work out with out it catching/pulling too much or otherwise causing you discomfort or pain then what reason would there be not to?

Pre PE July 2018 starting at BPEL 7.7" x 5.5"

Also, does hanging 0.5kg work like an ADH (all day hanger), i can feel it as a VERY light stretch, even with 1kg it is still light and i wear it as a ADH for 1-2 hours after my PE routines..Is that ok with you guys? How much force does an ADS device apply?

I also think that as long as work out does not affect the pull of ADS there should be no problem. The problem is this is NOT like this in reality, working out will surely affect the tension of your ADS, so both work out and ADS pull will suffer. This is why I decided to separate the two, work out in the morning, then PE after lunch.

I just restarted PE after a month and a week of decon break, I started very light vacuum hanging with 1,2kg and am wearing ADS with constant heat pad at low. So far vacuum hanging feels very comfortable.

For starting weight, there is no consensus and most people start too high which is clearly not good as you will soon condition your unit and be forced to go for extreme weights. Time and constant heat are much more important factors than big weight. I read here about a guy who grew like crazy starting with minimum weight something like 50g and worked his way up to 1.5kg. Most may not grow at all with such low weight, but I believe in starting low anyway, so I will slowly work my way up from 1,2kg.

3/18 NBPEL 5.5 EG 4.25

Current NBPEL 6 EG 5.1

I once hanged 7 kg for 1-2 min out of curiosity..Didn t feel any pain or anything, do you anything i might have done something wrong? Haven t done that since, but i have also hanged 5kg maybe 2 or 3 times in the 2nd month maybe of my 5 month present PE work..I am currently hanging 0.5/1-3kg max

I figured a wrapping that so far causes minimal swelling with 1.5kg and requires no tape unlike other techniques I read here and elsewhere. I first wrap the glans with piece of nylon cloth, then put a closed silicon sleeve on, then another wrap of thicker cloth to fill most of the cup. Swelling is minimal even after hours of hanging.

3/18 NBPEL 5.5 EG 4.25

Current NBPEL 6 EG 5.1

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