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All Day Stretcher questions


Originally Posted by nikvandoodle
That cling wrap idea does sound very interesting a-unit, but as others have said wouldn’t it stop the skin from breathing?

Does anyone else have any ideas for something similar that can be wrapped around the penis to prevent turtling while not suffocating it?

I’ve been using a form of spandex cloth as an all day wrap for years.
Spandex is very stretchable and you can cut it to any size, and it is breathable.

My erect length is somewhere between 6 - 6.5” nbp so I cut a piece to about 6” wide x 10-12” long.
When wrapped around my flaccid, the head just pokes out. I creates a firm but flexible tube.
I fasten the ends with a strip of scotch tape.

I usually apply it after pumping, and when I take it off after several hours I have an amazing flaccid hang.

Thanks for the info tinytim, that definitely sounds like something I’d like to give a go.

Just out of curiosity, is there any special type of spandex you use that provides the right about of rigidity? It sounds like you’ve found the perfect material for an ADS. I’m not ever sure where you buy spandex material from!

Oh, and do you ever wear it over night? This is something I can see being beneficial but also kind of scary if things start to go wrong during the night.


I remember somewhere someone had made a neoprene “diver`s suit for his dick as an ADS. it even had a little zipper.

There is a local diving shop here that makes custom suits, but I`d be to embarassed to to ask for that fitting!

You can find spandex at any fabric shop. I was lucky to find just the right kind at first look,
But I cannot find it again anywhere.
The typical spandex used in women,s exercise wear is not great.
It is too thin and difficult to get a good wrap without using a lot.
The stuff I have is a heavier fabric with courser threads that form ridges.
I don’t have to use too many turns to get a firm wrap, and the ridges create a grip against each other so the wrap does not slip apart.

As long as the wrap is not too tight I can wear it as long as I want, even overnight.
Getting a night time woody can be uncomfortable, and I usually wake up at night before having to piss to take the wrap off.

Thanks tinytim, I’m going to have a root around for something like the material you describe. It doesn’t sound like the easiest thing to get hold of!

That sounds like an intriguing idea as well a-unit, but I would definitely be too embarrassed to ask for that! If neoprene works though, I’ll have a look for that as well as the thick spandex. Thanks guys.

This cling wrap to me sounds like an interesting but troubling idea. I would think that wrapping myself in plastic would suffocate the skin and possibly cause a rash or maybe something worse. How long did you wear it and how often. I am interested to know. How could one gain length by wrapping their penis in plastic?

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