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Aligator skin

Aligator skin

Been getting back into pe full force, now my dick looks as if it is 130 yrs old

Never saw it do this before (of course I never was intense) but it looks like aligator skin. All wrinkley and dry. Maybe I stretched it to a point where the skin needs to rejuve itself but as I’m streching it it looks ugly.

What good is making your ding ding bigger if it’s to ugly to show.

When hard it’s ok, but anything from semi erect to flacid is .well, you ever see a dried out carrot? Granted I’m bigger but the texture looks the same.

Is this normal? Please help, I don’t want a dick full of stretch marks

Are you using lubricant?

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Yes always

Do most in hot bath

It’s actually peeling so I think it is just old dead skin that got stretched and is coming off

What kind of lubricant? Might be worth switching.

I don’t see how your lubricant is surviving the hot bath.

>It’s actually peeling so I think it is just old dead skin that got stretched and is coming off<

Hmm. So you are doing a chemical peel? I’d try to avoid that if I were you, unless you are trying to remove discoloration or something.

Dead flakey skin is not a requirement for PE.

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My lube is basically softsoap

I do this during my bath

I can keep it soapy and smooth for jelqing type exercises

And as far as peeling

It’s just the dead stretched skin coming off

Just never seen that before

Which is why I wondered if that was normal

Maybe skin is stretching to new size?

Your problem is the hot bath and soap. Time to take your routine out of the tub.

Is that all it is

That is a relief

But it’s so much more convenient

With the hot water and privacy

But if soap is doing this then I guess I’ll be breaking out the baby oil

But won’t washing it right after do pretty much the same affect


For the immediate future, it would be a good idea to just wipe off the excess oil with Kleenex after your routine and let the residue remain. It will help your skin return to normal.

Going to go do that now, thanx.

Has anyone else had this happen?

Or am I the only one.

You are not the only one. The warning is out there not to do PE in the bath, but, guys do it anyway.

I’ll throw in a recommendation for A+D ointment used as jelqing lube - it is not only quite slippery (and oil-based, so it will last a long time) but will also help in keeping your skin oils where they need to be; in your skin. It may have been said, but the soap you’re using is designed for cleaning of skin, which entails removing excess oils. Overuse will dry the skin, and give that scaly texture. I have experienced the same thing, though the cause was different. Here is the thread and advice I was given.

I make sure to use “Suave Advanced Therapy” on the ol’ boy every morning before work, and between the lotion and A+D for jelqing, now have quite healthy penis skin. =)


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