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Hi, haven’t post for a while I’m just curious does liquor affects PE gains?

Potentially. Alcohol consumption can lead to adverse effects to the male reproductive system. Source:…_25/ai_84926101

From that article: “Research with animals has consistently demonstrated an association between both acute (i.e., one time, one occasion) and chronic (i.e., long-term) alcohol consumption and low testosterone.”

So, to the extent that a healthy endocrine system and adequate testosterone is necessary to maintain or increase your penis size, alcohol could potentially hurt.

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I don’t think it helps your indicators, positive ones specifically. I’ve noticed on days after I PE, or on days off, if I drink that night, the next morning I don’t have the wood I normally do.

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The only problem I have found for combining alcohol and PE is my propensity to whip it out and PE in public whilst drunk.

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