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Alcohol and weak hangover erection

Alcohol and weak hangover erection

How much effect alcohol has on erection? Is the effect temporary (day, two days) or can the effects last longer if you drink frequently? I drink normally once a week, mostly on Fridays and about 16-20 units (I’m European, so 20 units might mean 40 American units, but not sure) each time. Is this often enough to make erection always a little weaker, since same pattern repeats itself every weak?

And it is normal to have weak hangover erection? The day I drink is the only day I don’t wank, so shouldn’t erection be stronger next day than it normally is?

Brewer’s droop. Whisky dick.

The phenomena you describe is as old as men have been boozing. The obvious solution is to not binge drink, and see if lighter alcohol consumption improves matters.

What I want to know is that if you get blasted almost every Friday, like I have for over a year now, will it eventually go point where it will affect your erection throughout the week and the situation never resets itself? Would it improve erection if I binge only every two weeks?

Drinking effects your brain over time, which effects your body.

Alcohol effects the brains receptor sites for testosterone, and over time this situation becomes chronic, and extremely difficult to reverse.

Moderation is the answer, not just morally.

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