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Alcohol and PE

Alcohol and PE

I tried a search, but I would have to hunt for a while I guess.

I read an overall consensus to be as dry as possible with PE. Is alcohol bad in its entirety for gains? If so, does it have something to do with how it is a diuretic and gets rid of that much needed water? If you don’t get drunk, is that an okay amount of alcohol to drink? Do different kinds of alcohol sources make a difference? How much is okay if the okay amount is none? Does frequency make a difference?

Thanks for your facts/opinions :D .

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I don’t think alcohol is bad for gains with the exception of getting so drunk you neglect to work your routines. But it does cause turtling shrinkage due to dehydration. Anything that dehydrates you will shrink up your flaccid, but I don’t think it has any bearing on erect size, accept not being able to get it up.

Or maybe I’m just in denial.


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Originally Posted by Maj. Wood
I tried a search, but I would have to hunt for a while I guess.

Try searching using the “Advanced Search” function, and limit your search to the titles of threads. Here are some of the results that show up:

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