AJ English progress 1 month in: Lessons and Motivation

Hi Guys,

I’ve never posted on here before but strangely enough I’ve actually known about the website since probably around its inception and I’ve known about PE since long before that. For whatever reason I’ve never got round to doing it seriously, I’m sure loads of us have the same problems; work, privacy ya di yada.

Anyway I have now got the time and inclination to start it and I’ve been on the newbie program for a month. I thought I’d share my experiences, especially with the ‘newbs’ and naysayers and let you know what I’ve learned and how its going.

Ok so.. Starting measurements:

Flaccid - Length: ?? Girth: ??

Erect - Length: 14cm Girth: 13.5cm

Very simply, I found it impossible to get an accurate measurement of my flaccid unit. There are a fair few threads on how to do it but I’ll be damned if I could get any of the ideas to work. Initial issues were simply that the size varies by a good 2cm over the course of the day. I’ll be totally honest as well, I’m not too concerned with the flaccid length of my penis.. If its 2 inches flaccid then 8 inches erect then that is just fine with me.

Four weeks later..

Flaccid - Still don’t care

Erect - 14-14.5cm Girth: 14-14.5cm

Gains!! Haha, these are not actual gains as far as I can see. I take the measurements on a Sunday morning, I pump Monday through Friday so this gives, at least in my mind, the penis a chance to settle and portray its actual cemented gains. Now, like I said, I don’t believe these to be actual cemented gains, that would be crazy, these are more a product of having a healthier erection that is at is full thickness and erectile-niss (is that a word?) rather than the sort of feeble, limp-dicked erection that I started with and that brings me nicely to my point for the new guys..

The first months are all about prepping your penis.

I work as a Personal Trainer. Just like every client I’ve ever had, you have to understand categorically to walk before you run. You are not gonna look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the gym after a month, in fact you’re probably not going to have gained any real muscle at all but! Your body will now be prepared and conditioned to start making gains, likewise, the first months of this program I genuinely believe are just to get your penis acclimatized to routine. When I first started, I could not stretch my penis for more than 30 seconds before the head started turning blue. Now I can hold it in a more or less constant stretch for a few minutes. Slow progression, before you can make the exercise effective you must first condition yourself to make it effective.

Anyway, I’m going to keep updating this as I go. Month 2 starts, and its time to upgrade to some different techniques I think.

Good luck to all you new guys, don’t despair, just enjoy it and don’t go crazy. 1 year of 10 minute sessions is surely better than 1 week of 10 hour sessions.