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I want to know if anyone else has experienced being more aggressive when doing PE. Ok, you guys are going to think this is nuts, but there have been a number of changes while I have been doing PE and I am curious if it is just coincidence or if it is because of PEing. I am more aggressive, crabby, I am ejaculating WAY more, even my wife has said several and laughed. My testicles are even bigger.

Could it be that this stimulation is making my body create more Testosterone? I have also grow to 6.5 from 5.75 since November 24th when I started. And is it possible that that is one of the reasons for our growth through PEing in the first place?


That would be very unlikely. Of course, if you used supplements, that would be the reason. Do you use zinc for instance or started eating lots of food that contains zinc?

What the fuck are talking about?

If you say that shit again I’m going to fuck you up.

I know where you live, jelqer!

LOL.. "Cockyitis”. I have to agree there. So you finally “grow” a bigger dick, you become cocky. Happened to me. It went away fast though.

I have never heard, that aggressiveness would stimulate testosterone production. It stimulates adrenaline production and similar chemicals, but they are actually bad for PE, because they do almost opposite, than what is desired. It is the PE, that brings the results.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine


Well I know it sounds a bit odd. But what about all the ejaculation.did that not happen to anyone else?

And I know that the body is supposed to stop growing at a certain point after puberty.ya ya ya.but I don’t think people were pulling on their own penises in the study. Maybe there is something that is unknown in the process of growing penises.PS is that the plural of penis.? Haha


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