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Does age matter with pe? I am 18 and I read somewhere that the penis doesn’t stop growing until age 21. Is that a hunk of crap or is it something I should be thinking about?

hopefully! i just turned 19!

As in all, that varies

As some guys stop growing at 14, and some at 20 (height etc) I suppose the penis is no different.

If you are 18, it’s possible it could grow more but personally I doubt it. On the other hand, I would be VERY wary of any PE exercises I did. Should you consider PE at this ‘early’ age, please consider everything very seriously, beginning with the TRUE reason why you want to do PE.

Along a different path, it seems the young guys don’t gain as much as the older ones, so I would be very patient and remember that you could always start in 2-3 years time and still have plenty of time to grow a monstar dick for the best sexual years of your life!


Um, that may be true, but something tells me it’s more important to gauge who long ago you hit puberty. For example, I hit it around 10-11 (early), so my 18 I can assure you it wasn’t growing any further. If you are a really late developer then maybe that could be an issue.

I haven’t heard anyone else discuss this, but that’s my thought on the matter.

Hey Day

For most guys, the penis stops growing when you hit puberty - that’s why it’s pointless to give kids growth hormone after they’ve reached puberty (and, no, the hormone is not for growing your penis). My son was on growth hormone and a grew 6 inches taller. I asked his pediatric endocronologist if I shot it in my dick, would it grow 6 inches - the nerd was not amused.

So if you’ve hit puberty, look down and that’s what you’ve ended up with. Buster’s right (oh btw Buster, REAL big of you to take over Mexico’s gf), you’re young, so hold off a couple years. In fact, you can start reading all the stuff on this site - which’ll take a couple years - then you’ll be ready.


glenn, I beg to differ!

I was a really late bloomer, I started seeing a little hair at the age of early 16 late 15 if I remember right. Thats aout the time I started noticing a little bit of stuff (looked transparent like pre cum) start to cum out when I masturabted and ejaculated. At taht time my dick was still very small!!!! So I mean penis growth starts after puberty, if what you say is true your saying 12 yr olds that hit puberty already have a mature size penis. No that is not true. I fooled around with a girl when I was 17 and Im excited for her to see it again to see if she can tell. It wasnt too long ago that I was like 5.8 inches and now im 6.3. So….

Hi 6

Well, 6, like I said, MOST guys. I actually got this information from my son’s Ped Edno. when we were looking into the hormone thing for him. On the flip side of you, my best friend actually had his first sex when he was 11. When I found this out I asked him if he had much of a dick then. He said, yes - same as I have now (he’s 54) 7.5”.

Guess it takes all kinds.


Although I’m a newbie here, I see no good reason for an 18 yr old to hold off pe…hell I wish I was 18 now and just starting…just make sure to do your research and procede with caution, imho.

I stopped developing long before the age of 18, so mainly for this reason I say it’s ok to start now.

well even if your penis hadnt reached the full potential maybe the PE would actually help the natural growth even more!

Well, perhaps not

Because I’d be concerned about the status of the connective tissues (ligs) and wonder if they’d have reached full maturity yet. We know that bone density doesn’t finish it’s growth until about age 25 or so, and I wonder how long it takes for connective tissue to stop growing? I would imagine it matures shortly after the person’s physical growth (specifically, height) stops.

But that is just a shot in the dark on my part.

I would have done PE at 16 if I knew about it then :D

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

At any age before 18, it’s a good idea to do the toilet stretch. Not traumatic, yet an effective pre-PE mini workout.

ù ì å í


starting to rethink this


If I recall correctly, you were about 19 when you started PE and you’re one one of the more successful men on this site - so to hell with age


I think I read somewhere that the ancient arabics started jelqing during puberty and reached lengths of 9999inches but that might just be a load of shhhhhh.


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