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Age, moderate ED, and best method to use

Age, moderate ED, and best method to use

I am new to the forum, but have done substantial reading since I found the forum 2 weeks ago. Trying to find
Out what method is best to help moderate ED.

I am in my mid sixties. Sometimes I have good erections when aroused but they don’t last long.

In good health, weigh about 165 and am 6 ft. Exercise about 3 times a week. No medical problems.

My BPEL=7 - 71/8 depending on erection quality. Base shaft is 5.5, mid 5.0 and glans 5.25. Plenty of meat, just have
A problem filling it up and keeping it there.

Have tried some mild jelqing, but like some others, have problems staying erect. I can only do 2-3 jelqs before I have to
Stimulate myself to get hard enough for it to do any good. By the time I am at 15 or so jelqs, I am oozing pre cum and about ready
To ejaculate from all the stimulation.

Haven’t tried Cialis or Viagra. I’m pretty sure they will work, but I would like to try something other than drugs first.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Hi avocet8,

Thanks for the reply and the fantastic link. The pumping forum was the only one I hadn’t read yet. A long standing bias against pumps, which
I have always viewed as something that didn’t work. I am going to give on a try at the low levels and short duration suggested.

May try a little Cialis as a crutch.

Thanks for the help and your wonderful posts on PI and EQ!

Perhaps try jelqing even when you lose some of your erection, but focus on long, slow reps. Eventually you may find that the long slow reps start to pump the blood in the penis without needing the erection. I believe these kinds of reps are better anyway and that is how I practice my jelqs.


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I am of a similar age and have increased by about 1” since I started PE last September and about 1/4” in girth but better orgasms, night wood has returned. Similarly I don’t keep erection for long but have jelqued on say 50% erection successfully. Various people on this site say that jelquing at a fairly low erection level can be very useful, and I’d say I have proved that. Keep at it.and enjoy..

Best wishes


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