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After week 1

After week 1

I’ve been doing some research on this site for a while now and I finally decided to start PEing last week with the newbie routine. I’ve been doing manual stretches, 200 jelqs, and kegels. Surprisingly, my measurement has increased in length by .2 inches. I don’t think I actually gained length, but my erect penis is a lot stronger which I believe contributed to the length. I highly recommend trying the newbie routine to any of you new guys considering. Thanks for the site, and happy gaining to you all!

Goal: 7+ BPEL by the time I move to FSU next year

Me too soapy, I’m still going through my first week and my stretched flaccid is .5” gain! I’m doing Stretching, Little Jelqing and mainly ADS’s

Just started 10-1-05 BPFL 6.5 FG 3.75 BPEL 6.5 EG 5.0 :thats: :rear:

After seeing your results,I am sure I can also achieve the same success.Good luck to myself.

I’ve just finish my first week, I don’t think my dick has change. I’m probably not doing enough jelqing. Do you feel achenes after every session?

You should not feel aching. One week won’t make much of a difference so no sweat :)

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

Okay, just making sure.

I just started last night well.the newbie routine. I kept getting hard so I could not finish the jelq part. I felt a slight ache where the head meets the shaft. I think I applied too much pressure maybe. I have a question for the vets. Should you discontinue the jelq if you each full erection? Cause I did.

Yes STOP!! Erect jelqing is not a newbie thing, many frown upon it.

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So should I just wait till it subsides or just go as long as I can until my penis builds a tolerance up to not becoming fully erect?

Yes just take a break, the erection will go down and then continue. Before long your unit will recognize the difference between jelq and a hot chick .. Or hand.. Or whatever you do for pleasure. :-)

Start BPEL 6.5" Oct 8 2005 BPEL 7.0" EG 5.5" midshaft Goal NBPEL 8" EG 6" Me.. MeLoco

Thats good to here bro.I like reading threads like this it keeps me motivated to reach my goals

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