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After two months, absolutely no length gain


That’s a lot of stretching, sam1966. I thought stretching had to be preceded by a heated warm-up.

Originally Posted by RageKage14
That’s a lot of stretching, sam1966. I thought stretching had to be preceded by a heated warm-up.

I guess everyone is different. I don’t typically warm up with a hot washcloth or rice sock like some people, but I do start off gradually. After a few minutes of gentle tugging my dick gets more limber and I can pull harder and harder.

Also, when I take a shower I fill my pump up with the hottest water I can stand, and warm up by pumping for 15 minutes or so with my dick submerged in the hot water. Pumping in the shower is the only girth exercise I have been doing lately. I rarely even jelq anymore. However, don’t take my routine as the gospel. I’m still new at this. Most experienced PE’ers would say that I shouldn’t even be pumping yet. One thing that is cool about the pump, though, is that it is marked in centimeters down the side. When I started pumping, my dick only went to the 17 centimeter mark, now it’s going to just shy of 19 centimeters. However, I credit the length gain to stretching, not the pump.

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Yes, that's a gain of 1.8 inches. And no... That's not my real picture.

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Perhaps two-on, one-off is over-training for you RageKage. Everyone is different. Bare in mind that I’m a newbie too, though. Keep monitoring your PI’s, they’ve been the primary guide for me so far and I’ve noticed that one-on, one-off or one-on, two-off has been more comfortable for me. We’ll see in two weeks time when I measure whether I’m an idiot or not.

More heat! Warm that dick up real good at least 10-15 minutes.
More static like stretching stretch that dick out and hold it for about 5 seconds.
Stretch down, hold, relax repeat.
Then take it to the left and then to the right.

Jelq slow 3-5 seconds go for 8 seconds towards the end of your session. Add two minutes per week to your jelqing time.
Kegel, 50-100 kegels, BC are better but PC are good to.

Warm down 10-15 minutes.

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Overworking is not a problem. With two on, one off, I am getting a bunch of good PI signs, and I have gained girth. It’s just the length that isn’t happening.

And thanks for the advice, Kingpole. I will try going for more heat.


I did the newbie routine for a month and didn’t gain anything.

I think it’s time to change your routine in duration:
1. Prolong your stretching session to 25-30 min. (F.ex. Make a powerful stretch in every direction for 1 min and take a break for 30 sec and on again.)
2. Prolong your jelqing sessions also to 25 - 30 minutes.

Do this 5 days a week.
This is how I gained 1.3 cm in 2 months with this above routine.


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As RandomGiant mentions, jelqing with lower erection levels seems to be better for length.

The angle may make a difference as well. I found that I have to jelq downward at a lower erection level. This then in effect is a form of a stretch as it requires a somewhat low erection level.

It has worked well for me as the girth and erection quality elements are still being improved through the blood pressure increase during the jelq, and there is an element of stretching involved with the downward pull.

For me, heat has been essential, even a shorter one, but as hot as I can stand.

I am really starting to wonder if one day off is enough for the newbie routine. I have invariably had a jump in length after around 3 days off.
When I say a jump, I mean a definite increase from the end of the last workout to the end of the first workout after the break. I have seen over 1/8 inch increase in these breaks.

You sound as if you are definitely ready to increase the amount of jelqing. I quickly worked up to 250 slow jelqs per session. I can see a positive difference between the first 100 and the last 150, so much so that I really feel that I would not have any gains with only 100 per session.

The girth gain is tremendous by the way, I think many would love to get that amount of gain in that amount of time.

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