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After the first Month...

After the first Month...

I started about one Month ago, with the Sizes of NBPEL 5 3/4 (14.6cm), EG 5 1/2 (14.0cm).
did not know about the Bone Pressed Measure at that Stage…

I´m really sticking to the Beginners Exercises talked about in this great Forum.
(2 Days on, 1 Day off)

My Size has really grown so far, but the last week I have not seen any Improvements
BPEL 6 3/4 (17.1cm), EG 5 3/4 (14.6cm)

So my Questions? Will I grow more? Do I need to do more/harder Exercises, due to my
Cock getting used to the Training? Or do I need to pause a week?

Any Help is much appreciated.


Spidercum: I think you need to tune down your expectations. You cannot possibly gain every week. Some weeks you might even lose length/girth I heard.
I even believe that the first newbie gains often come simply from harder erections (I had nice gains already first week)
Just keep doing the exercises, believe in what you are doing and hopefully the real gains will come in due time (being a newbie myself I do not talk from experience, I just repeat what most vets seems to say)


You have had a nice gain, keep your programm and be patient.


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