After six months personal training no result

Hi Guys,

I am training with my pump and some rare jelqing under shower for six months. Five days in a weak. Sometimes 15 mins sometimes 2-3 hours. After seeing no result I decided to buy frohle testicle cylinder. Because of I am not comfortable with pump. My old pump generaly pushes a lot to my balls. After first usage my new frohle testicle pump I had a ache at my balls.

Anybody knows puting balls under negative presure is healty or not.?
With my old pump under shower I see better temporary results. If its possilble is this gives faster results then normal air pumping while watching porn.?

My starting EL is 16.3cm (6.3”)
EQ is 5.2cm (2.04”)

My old tube is 20cm x 5.8cm inner diameter. Testicle tube is 25x6cm

Actualy my cock is not round. Its like ellipse. Its 5.2cm from one side but 3.8cm from other side. So round is around 13.5cm. Maybe is it better to use 20cm x 5cm ?

Sorry for too much questions.