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After a while, the numbers

After a while, the numbers

Hi all, 3 months of practice has passed by already and, following strictly the n00b routine, here are the gains:

Before I knew jelq, in full erection: 5,7” length/5” girth
After the jelq advent, in full erection: 6” length/5,2 girth

Seems to be solid gains once I’m jelqing for 3 months only, and I do not warm up before sections. Let’s see how far in both length and girth it can get.

Any improvement tips from those who are more experienced? If so, thank you in advance.

Ps: are warm ups really really really important or I do not miss that due these 3 months of experience? O0

No tips just congrats on the gains.

Congratulations! I know what you’re thinking, you try to do less work but warm ups really are important! Don’t know why, but they are! Thunder people have told me :D

Warmups are recommended a lot. Personally I do not warm up anymore, but I feel that is mostly due to my experience now. I have been doing this for a while now and know the limits of my penis. I really should be doing it though.

Anyways, congrats on the gains. I would say that it would probably be another 3 months to cement those gains.

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Good work on the gains but just keep at it, and as Mayo said, another 3 months to cement those gains. Even though I haven’t even started the newbie routine myself, I’ve been doing plenty of reading on the site and taking notes. Can’t wait to jump into it soon, hope to hear more of your progress over time.

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Keep on doing what you are doing now if it is still producing gains! Don’t change until things stop growing and then think about changing your exercises.

Well done on your gains! :)

You’re right. 3 more months will be fine and fits well for the situation.

Thank you all for the support. I’ll keep this routine and, from now on, add warm-ups as well. :)

Cheers friends!

Shoot to thrill!

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