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After 20 weeks report

After 20 weeks report

So, after 20 weeks of PE’ing, I have to say that I’m a little disappointed but not completely without an improvement. Here’s my history for the past 20 weeks:
Starting BPEL 5 3/4” (or so I thought) with EG of 5”

Weeks 1 - 4 I did manual stretching in the morning for 10 mins and 15 mins of jelqing in the evening 4 days a week
Weeks 5 - 9. Manual stretch for 15 mins in the morning and 20 mins jelqing in evening 4 days a week

I took a measurement here and measure 6 1/4 BPEL and 5” EG
I thought I made a 1/2” gain.

Weeks 9 - 13 manual stretch 15 mins morning and again at night, jelqing 25 mins evening 4 days a week

Weeks 13 - 16 started clamping 2 ten or 15 minute sessions in the afternoon, jelqing 20 minutes evening and stretching when ever I could 4 days a week

Weeks 16 - 20. I bought the ESL40 ADS. I got both the ADS cup and the hanging cup. Been wearing it for 8 hours a day 4 days a week. I don’t remember what member it was but I read how he taped his head with 2 strips on either side of his urethra and then one piece over those so that when had to pee, he just had to remove the one top piece. That works great. I’ve had no problems with blisters or anything like that. I started hanging for 30 mins at night, 5 pounds for the first couple of weeks and then with 7 1/2 pounds. Jelqing 20 mins each day as well. Stopped clamping as it was discoloring my member. I also found a way to use one of those thick rubber tie downs while parked in my car in a secluded area, attached to the brake pedal and then to the vac hanger. This provides about 8 to 10 pounds of pull. I’ve been using that for an hour 3 to 4 days a week too.

So after 20 weeks I measured again but I am still 6 1/4” BPEL and 5” EG
I now think my starting measurement was incorrect and that I was not hard enough when I measured because I was able to get that 5 3/4” measurement again when I wasn’t really rock hard but after I did get harder it went to 6 1/4”.
So I think I gained absolutely nothing in BPEL and I know I gained nothing in girth.

The only thing I can say for certain at this point is that my flaccid hang is definitely improved. Although I didn’t measure it, I know it hangs longer and heavier than it used to. I used to have an embarrassing problem with it turtling really badly especially while I was working out. I would have to excuse myself into the men’s room to physically pull my member out because it felt so uncomfortable. It would have probably measured only an inch and a half at this point. It was particularly embarrassing as I did sit ups because as I came back one could see outline in my sweatpants and when it was turtled like this it would look like I had a micro dick.
Now, I haven’t had it turtle since I started PE’ing. No more trips to the mens room. So this is a definite plus but not the expected gains in length and girth I was hoping for.

I am not ready to give up just yet and I will continue for another 3 months and then measure again. If anyone has any other advice I would love to hear it.

My first thought is to take a decon break. You jumped into advanced exercises pretty quickly, and went went at them hard. For example, discoloration from clamping is often a sign of over doing it. A decon break of a month (or longer) may allow your tissues to return to a more newbie like state.

After your decon break resume the newbie routine, but focus on each exercise while you do them. Feel the stretch when you stretch, and try to work up to holding each stretch for 90-120 seconds. Jelquing is difficult to master, so read up on technique and try to find your perfect grip, speed, time in order to feel expanded but not over worked.

I am a firm believer in trying to coax everything you can out of manual exercises. I hope this helps and good luck with your gains!

Wow I thought I was taking it slow enough before going into the more advanced stuff. For 3 solid months I just stretched and jelqed. It only tried the clamping for a few weeks to see if it would help with girth but like I said, I didn’t like the darkening of my member. I tried the Firegoat rolls and that did help but I stopped clamping anyway. I guess I’ll try taking off for a little while and start again.

Thanks for the advice and I’ll update you again in a few months.

I think Mizguy is right. A simple routine with manual stuff was working, then you added so many things in the shortwhile that your penis is confused at the bests.

Yep. You’re advancing too quickly. I’d suggest a break, then get back into the newbie routine. If something is working keep doing it and don’t add anything unnecessarily. Simplify! Good luck.

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