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After 1 month of jelqing

After 1 month of jelqing


I have now done 1 month of jelqing in total, and I have noticed that my flaccid hang is just a littlebit bigger probobly than before, also my penis veins pop like a lot more than before.
Now the real question is how much do usually people grow in size during the first month?

I think that I’ve grown about 0.05 in both lenght, and girth, which means that my current size is BPEL: 6.95” EG: 5.25”

This is my current routine.
- Warm up: Hot shower, making my penis radiate heat.
- Stretching: 5x 30sec stretches (Forward, Up, Down, Right, Left)
- Dry/Wet Jelqing: 10 Minutes of 2-3 sec jelqs.
- Warm down: Taking another hot shower.
- About 50x kegels, with 3-5sec holds.

Any tips & tricks? Should I just continue using this or.

Started May 13th 2015: BPEL= 6.9" x EG= 5.2"

June 13th 2015: BPEL= 6.95" x EG= 5.25"

Final Goal: BPEL= 8" x EG= 6"

I’ve these suggestions for you:

1) Start with the standard routine. If you want to do dry jelqs, do less amount of repetitions. Focus on technique.

2) Don’t measure every month. 3 months or more are much better.

3) Don’t change a winning team. This means, if a routine give you results, don’t change until your gains will totally stop. The feedbacks you have are good, so follow this way.

4) Read as much as you can about PE. There’re a lot of things to learn and explore.

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