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After 1 month, girth gains - length hard to measure

After 1 month, girth gains - length hard to measure

Started 6-inches NBPEL 5”EG
Done a solid steady month of PE 2 on 1 off.

1st day: 240 Dry Jelqs followed by 10x20sec holds
2nd day: 200 wet Jelqs followed by 10x20 sec holds

Current measurement 5.9-ish?? NBPEL 5-1/8th EG

Hey TP: I think I need some advice on how to measure my unit. My erection elevation is quite high, if say a normal erection is 15 degrees above 90 then mines at like 50 degree above 90. It also has a upward curve to it. It seems when I take my measurements the more erect I get and the higher the elevation is, my length measurements get shorter. I can push my penis down to measure and it has the illusion of making my penis longer but I’m not sure if this is a legitimate measure since it’s not my penis’ natural position. I can also get a longer measurement if I get a 90% erection as the curve in my penis inst as prominent. Take into account that using a ruler is kind of hard because of the curve to it really makes measuring my unit quite difficult. Anyone lend some advice on how to get a good measurement with my description.

I’ve just been using a flexible ruler tape since it follows my penis curves better, but then I can’t bone press it to get a good solid constant.

I think what you’ve been doing sounds fine. I also have a high erection angle and upward curve. I push my penis so that overall its at the 90 degree angle, and straightening out a bit with my hand, as much as is comfortable, then measure along the top. It’s not perfect but it’s a good indication of length. The most important thing, however, is not the size, but the consistency of your measurement. Do it the same way each time. Alternatively to using a ruler, you could use a piece of string that you could press into the base and lead along the contour of your penis to the tip. If you do this, I’d still suggest pushing it down so its at 90 degrees with regard to your body (so it’s horizontal). You’ll probably get different results from the two measurements, just pick one and stick to it (or do both and take the average each time).

It is definitely a pain in the arse getting good measurements with a high erection angle and upward curve. Just find the easiest way for you and stick to it.

On a side note, you may wish to take a look at the 3rd link in my signature, it may help you gaining length.

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