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Afraid to the small.


Afraid to the small.


This is my first time here, and I usually don’t write anything or something about me or for help.. But I found this site and I really think I can learn something and be open with you guys. First I’m going to tell you a little about me and then I wish, that you could help me. I will appreciate any advice or critique.

I’m 20 years old, latin boy. Fit and my height is 5’7”.. I found this site cause I was so desperate and a little depressed and I’m not going to lie, I was a little obsessed with this problem. I have being doing research about PE around a year now. Everything begun when my girlfriend took my virginity like 2 years ago. We were together for two years and we had a beautiful relationship, but with time we had a lot of problems and we broke up. We still into each other, but it hurts a lot to know that your ex is having sex with other guys and you know.. They are good looking guys, and she’s very hot and all that. She has big breasts and big butt, and you know I want her to have pleasure with me, and most of the time she get it, cause she had orgasm and she came several times, but the reality is that we can’t do some positions cause my penis is small. She is a very sexual person and she got sex with some guys that may I think they have an average penis or big, and that makes me feel like shit.. I don’t want to get back to her and all that thing, but I want to prove myself that I can be capable of have a awesome sex.

My little trauma begun when we broke up like around 6 months ago. She was my first, and I had been only one time with another girl, sexually. My frustration is my penis. My penis it’s small. For me it’s very small, and I know that cause when we had sex I only did a few positions only, but I can’t do even “doggy style” cause she has a big butt and me a small penis. My penis measurements are FL:4.2” (4.250); FG:4” (4.000); EL:5.6” (5.750); EG:5.4” (5.500). I want to be realistic and I know that I have small penis, but I want to make it more bigger to give more pleasure to a women whenever I want. My goal is FL:6.4”; FG:5.4”; EL:7.0”; EG:6.4”.. I want to feel confident about myself. This is making me insecure, a lot. I can’t be with anyone.. But I’m positive, I putting all my hopes in this and on your good advices. I all ears or eyes for you.

Plus: I’m starting to drink multivitamins and vitamin E, and today I’m going to start the newbie routine.

Any advice, comment or whatever that could help, for my PE?

PD: Se habla español.


First of all welcome to the forum Secondly, you are not small. Your length is pretty average and your girth is definitely above average. A penis that size on someone 5’7” probably looks pretty dang good! Hopefully, you’ll find with time, that your self perception will improve. That being said, by all means go ahead and work on improving your unit, just try to get your head around the fact that you’re not small. This will hopefully be a good experience hanging around with the rest of us deranged dick-pullers. Good luck.

:_pump: :donatecar


Thanks for that. I’m going to try improve my self perception. (:


Yeah dude average is like 5’5-6’

Problem is no guy really wants to be average they want to be above average and if they’re insecure they brag about how well hung they are to feel better. First thing I would do is move on and forget about your ex then I would start PE religiously because your obviously insecure about your size when in fact your average and ain’t considered small dude. Now if you want that above average penis that you want so bad then TP. Com is the place to be :)

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Your penis is pretty much average in length and above average in girth. Your problem is not with your penis. Your problem is with your confidence. If you are not confident, act like you are confident until you become confident. You need to fake it until you make it. Go out, flirt with women, and have a good time. Just be positive and be the man you know you want to be.

Originally Posted by euthymius8
EL:5.6” (5.750); EG:5.4” (5.500).

Depending on which study you go by you are either dead on average in length or 0.15”s below average in length. BUT… You are 1/2 an inch over average in girth. And girth is harder to gain.

Originally Posted by euthymius8
PD: Se habla español.

Your English is very good. Stop in and say ¡Hóla!to the other Eespañol speakers.

Originally Posted by mafero
Me complazco en recordarles que acabamos de alcanzar el NOVENO ANIVERSARIO DE LA SECCIÓN HISPANA de Thunder’s Place.

Thunder’s Place, el más importante foro dedicado al PE en Internet, había abierto sus puertas el 22 de agosto de 2001.

Desde el primer momento, hubo miembros de habla hispana que….


Running a Massive Co-Front.

Welcome in here. Fist of all your not small, your average person. She had a big butt, so the problem is her being fat not you being small. If I was in your shoe, I will be small 2 :) its normal man. Forget about your past, and forget that there is handsome guys out there. If you have a good personality you shouldn’t care about the look. Man lesbians flirt with me, tomboys flirt with me, gays flirt with me, ladies flirt with me old young all flirt. Every single one I meet in my life told me I’m handsome person. I had a gf before and she left me for an ugly guy :) you can’t compare between me and him. His bald for fuck sake :D And guess what she, s a drop dead gorgeous. All body parts no hair, She, s a fuckin bomb, waiting for a dick to blow her up. When we have sex she orgasm like hell, sometimes she just black out. We have sex for hours. But she left, with all this she left :) Its not about the look or sex, Its what the heart want. After that I meet a beautiful woman and I got married, and I live very happy. The point is god gave you 2 eyes in the front, not on the back, so you look forward and never look back. Forget about it man. (If) you feel your not very handsome boy, Then just dress right, personality is the real deal, trust me.
Now you are insecure about your penis, I understand that, we are all obsess with it :) lets get to business now follow the routine in the link I gave you. And take it slow, doing a double routine in a day, won’t make you big in one month. But I guaranty it will put you on the bench for couple of month, And you don’t want that. Welcome in here again, And good luck.

Newbie routine

Just for the record. I wasn’t advertising my self or showing off.

Second thing, If she’s fuck another guy, it should never hurt. You said it, (she’s ex)

Third thing, If you want to really know how woman really think, check the link bellow :D

Press here and follow the ball to understand

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@Arsenal416, @bamm

I really appreciate those words, and yeah I on the track of moving on about my insecurities and about my ex. I really want to feel good with myself. I think, it’s not that bad.

Thanks again. :)



Sí, pronto me daré la vuelta por esos andares a ver que buenos consejos consigo.



You probably suffer from porn perception like so many of us. In other words, most of us are small next to the Peter North films we saw as eleven year olds, or whatever. The good news is we can become giant too. I’m jealous you found out about this so young in life. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your exercises, stay focused on your PE, dammit! Think about your dick in three years. Girls will line up to worship you.

Sorry but I’m just so enthused because of PE.

The gains are starting up again, the erections are moving to a new weight class, thank you Bib hanger and size genetics extender!


Dude, thanks for all that. I really helps me get out of here.

Yeah I’m a good looking guy, but you know, maybe a I feel like that cause I been focusing on my past.

Anyways thanks a lot for the advice and those links. I’m positive with this.


Hey euthymius, welcome to the forum! Self perception is an issue a lot of guys have. I urge you to take a look at the thread posted by a member, stuff here could help you out:

Anyone know any girls that changed mind about size?

On the subject of PE, start with the newbie routine and remember to go easy.

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

If you smoke, stop it. The newbie routine is the best routine to start with. I don’t know about you, but I got some crazy newbie gains with that. Welcome and goodluck mate!

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But we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy.

Everyone has already said it but it won’t hurt to hear it again: your penis girth is actually the goal of many people here, including myself. Though I think that if I ever actually reach 5.5” girth that I’ll keep going, nonetheless, I’d be happy with that girth. We’ve all heard it a million times, but maybe you haven’t, women prefer girth.

Let me quote Aladin: “You gotta be cool, confident”. Aladin knew that it wasn’t all about penis size, and the motherfucker got a princess!

Started newbie routine (again) March 21, 2012: BPEL 8" BEG: 5 3/8" MSEG: 4.9"

Goal: BPEL: Wherever it ends up BEG: wherever it ends up MSEG: 6"!

@Devotion9, @Chicken, @Kjdeet, @Sprite1

Thanks for all folks. I really appreciate your words and I’m going to look every link you gave me. This had helped me a lot.


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