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Affected Gains

Affected Gains

Well I have had an on going injury starting around November in where my penis hurts on the bottom left side right below the glands. I have been away from PE and am trying to cut masturbating down since it is the source of the pain. I’m an idiot and have been masturbating every now and then which results in a dragged out injury.

But that’s besides the point.

I can describe the injury to you more in detail if it will help answer this questions.

My question to you is:

When I am all healed up from this nagging injury, and I start PE up again, will my potential gains be less then what they would of been If I had avoided this injury?

For example, say I could of got my penis up to 7.5 inches, but since I have had a long injury maybe my max is 7 inches. What I am thinking is since this stupid injury has been dragged out (roughly 3 months), there is definitely going to be some long term effects or permanent damage (I.e. Scar tissue). Would this have restrictions on my potential gains?

I really need to heal myself.

Thanks in advance.

It has been hurting for 2 months now?

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It’s hard to explain but ill do my best. I don’t know what caused it but when I masturbated back in November I would always feel discomfort in the area after ejaculation. I started to get negative PI’s and so I slowed down on masturbating.

For about a month I went through a cycle of masturbating twice a week (Sunday and Monday) and then it would feel a little sore for a couple days (Tuesday and Wednesday) and I would usually feel fine during the weekend so I would beat it again only to get back to that same pain that I had. The thing that got me was my erections were still fine and my penis would feel fine so I felt that I could masturbate again with no problems.

It wouldn’t stop so I took most of December off trying not to touch my penis, I was super horny the entire month. I masturbated around the end of the month to see if I was healed. I noticed it a little bit, but for the most part I felt fine. But I ended up masturbating the next day and also the day after that and I could feel it coming back a little.

I have no self discipline when it comes to trying not to masturbate if you can tell.

January has brought me some ups and downs. I masturbated last Sunday, had a small flaccid Monday, stayed away from the dick through the entire week, and on Friday night I was feeling horny so I decided to get a boner and play with it a little. I ended up edging a little bit and my dick felt healthier, bigger and harder then it has for a while now. I ended up ejaculating and felt a little sore after. Saturday went fine, a little pain here and there every now and then. Sunday (yesterday) I had a good flaccid hang, my dick was feeling good for the most part. Then again late last night I couldn’t refrain myself from beating off again.

I did so, felt some pain, and today I woke up feeling a little sore again. Mostly when I touch my penis I can feel the discomfort. Also my flaccid is hanging very small today.

The thing is, I will not do anything for a week and my dick will feel fine by the weekend. My erections will still be hard and I will still be horny. That’s why I have had trouble not masturbating and have kept this injury going over a long period of time.

My plans are to stay off it till a little bit into February, and then maybe try a jelq or two before I try to masturbate again. And then judging by how my dick feels after that I will go from there.

Sorry this is so long but believe me when I say there is no short way to describe this.

Here is another plan: Forget about PE for now, and go see an urologist.

I am at college right now away from home with no car. I was thinking about doing it over winter break but I am 18 and don’t really know how to set it up. I don’t want my parents to know if at all possible.

Thanks for the advice.

Can anyone answer my original question though about gains being affected?

You may have tore something on the inside. Read through the injury forum all the way back to the beginning and see if you find a similar problem. That’s quite a while for an injury, and its not going away? Seriously consider goint to atleast an urgent care facility.

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