Afew more questions

Hey all. I keep a record of all of my PE activity. I mistakenly thought I was a week ahead of where I am. I started July 15 so I am now in the middle of my eighth week. I read that it is best to concentrate on length gains before going for girth. I read that many girth exercises can slow or stop length gains.

Although I don’t have photographic proof I am sure I have gained in both areas. I don’t want to have to choose between one or the other. Is it a general consensus that growth only occurs in length or girth, not simultaneously?

I have recently started doing a set of extreme Uli between my jelqing sets. I know this is not recommended for newbies but as I have had no injuries except for one instance of edema or the donut effect, I feel that I am being careful. I like the way my girth and glans expand when I do this exercise. I measured another 1/8 longer this week but have noticed that if I kegel when measuring I can get another 1/8th longer.

I like my current routine and plan on keeping it until I have at least 3 months under my palms. Has anyone stopped gaining length as a result of advanced girth exercises? Also I can now measure 7 and 4/8’s BPSFL. Is this an indication of growth to come?

I read too about some people casually mentioning that they had experienced bleeding. I’m wondering from where and what exercises they were doing to cause this. I plan on incorporating golf weights or some other ads in a month or two. I get erect easily and was also wondering is it dangerous to get erect while wearing these devices. It looks like it would hurt.

One more thing. I mentioned that I don’t masturbate. This isn’t true as jelqing to me is a form of masturbation. The first time I jelqed I came all over myself and a week later when I tried to jelq sitting down it went off again. So I should say that I am trying not to ejaculate because I like the fullness I keep and I’m hoping this will speed gains. If it weren’t for kegeling I would not have the control I now have.

I try to edge 30 minutes a day because I read that having erections promotes healing. Currently I stretch 20 minutes and jelq 25 with a 5 minute Uli between a set of 200 jelqs and a 10 minute Uli after my second 200 jelqs. I’ve been told this is too much and I’ve read that 500 jelqs is better. I welcome any comments and shared experiences. Thanks.

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