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Advise on anything I'm missing

Advise on anything I'm missing

Read about jelqing when I was researching nofap.

My stats are 7.25x5.2, once I measured at 8 no idea how.
Goals are just mainly for girth.

I jelq mon wed and fri, bout an hour long session. I usually forget to stretch.

Its been two weeks and the first week I ended up masterbating so that kinda messed with the nofap+jelq plan.

I found that ejaculating really messed with my EQ.

Its really difficult because I am a porn lover and chronic masterbater.

I jelq at 50-70%

Anything I’m missing. I’m almost at my third week, and I’m about to go crazy on all the hornyness lol.

Thanks bros

Also since I haven’t been ejaculating, my right nut has been hurting alot.. Should I release? I don’t want it to hinder my gains though.

I think jelquing for an hour is probably a bit too much if you’re just starting out.

Why not just try the newbie routine and take it from there?

Good luck!


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