My measurements are length 7.7 inches and girth 4.5 inches. Desired goal is length “and girth 7”.

My routine is


Before Gym

10 min : Dry Jelq and squeeze

During shower

• 5 min : warm up ( Hot towels )

• 5 min : Stretching ( side and straight stretch, BOTH in flaccid and erect states )

• 10 min : wet & Dry Jelq

• 10 min : clamping


• 5 min : jelq

• 5 min : Squeeze

I am doing this routine all thru the week without break. Should a break be given in between.

Is it okay. How many days will it take to reach mu goal any guess.

At times I feel soreness and as if my penis is all engorged and full thru out the day and feel like jelqing again.