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advice with your LOT and jelqing....

advice with your LOT and jelqing....

Hi guys,

My LOT is at around 6 o’clock (straight down), anyways I’ve been told that when I jelq I should concentrate straight up or outwards, now lets say I”m laying down would jelqing straight to my chin almost pulling against my stomach be the direction for me? Also if I’m sitting and jelqing, pulling upward seems to not feel right (feels as though I”m pulling just the outer skin), but if I pull closer to my stomach, rather than straight up to the cieling I’ll pull so that my dick is pointing at my chest it feels as though I get a better jelq, I just find different positions, such as sitting, standing, and laying down sometimes give different feels….any tips or advice are welcome, thanks.

The point with a low LOT is that the theory suggests you have little to gain from stretching the ligs. Whereas someone with a high LOT can jelq down and gain from stretching the ligs with each stroke, this is less likely to be an option for you.

You should probably consider the angle you jelq at as largely irrelevant, because effective work is the direct stretching of the tunicae at and around the point of your grip.

Stretching the tunica from the grip to the base during a stroke is likely to have some minor effect, the major work is probably directly ahead of the grip.*

When you are stretching you will need greater force than someone stretching the ligs, so it will be worthwhile attempting to use methods that can increase the power of a stretch beyond that of a simple stretch.

Hope that helps.

*dependent on efficacy of method


So if I’m interpreting this right, low LOT guys should be stretching upwards while varying the location of the grip?

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