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Advice pls.

Advice pls.

I have been jelqing on and off due to some I injuries. After a week off due to blood coming out of my penis I started jelqing again then after a few days it bleed again

. Can someone give me an advice on how many days will I stop jelqing? And when I start jelqing again will I go back to my newbie routine? Because I’m suppose to go to a more advance routine

Blood coming out of your penis.. Hmm.. Had that a few times. Just take a day or two off and don’t put so much pressure on your penis with the jelqs. Good Luck :)

To: Okish6er

How a bout my routine do I have to continue it or will I go to a more advance routine?

Forget about advanced routines. Only when your unit has completely recovered from this set back should you even begin to think about a return to PE. Even then it should be at a much reduced intensity initially and carefully monitor any possible negative PI’s. The idea is the improve the health and strength of your unit not destroy it.

Originally Posted by irishjim
“The idea is the improve the health and strength of your unit not destroy it.”

Very well said irishjim!


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Yup. Just continue with your routine. If blood keeps coming out, then do less intense exercises.

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