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advice please


advice please

HI its been a 3 weeks now I strated jelqing again because of my injuries I had over the past few months. but now i notice a lump on penis its on the left side of the shaft i red the kinds of discoloring and injuries and I was advice to take three days off, now my question is will i do the newbie again from the start or will I continue? because I have 5 weeks more than I will be doing a new set of routine. and does this rest days affect my gains? I just want to make it clear now cause I’ve been doing jelqing for a long time on and off due to some injuries. I’m really determine to reach my goals


I got that too when I first started jelqing, you need rest, I took 3 days off, it seemed to go away. I started jelqing again and it appeared again, and it hurt sometimes when jelqing. You should take a week off, or take 3 days off and dont jelq as hard until it goes down.

today is my rest day and i notice that the lump is gone do i need to have a couple of rest days or could i continue my routine tomorrow

Always better to err on the side of caution. Take the planned 3 days off. In the end, if you were wrong, you’ve lost nothing, If you train and are wrong, you might set yourself even further back.

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Play it safe bro. Take as long off as needed. An injured penis means no gains.

Take the 3 days off. THen ease back into the routine over 1 or 2 weeks.

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Take 3 days off just to be sure, and start of lightly.

Better safe than sorry.

Originally Posted by Chicken
Take 3 days off just to be sure, and start of lightly.

If your cut use more lube.

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Ok thanks for your replies, can someone explain more bout this kind of injuries? Like how to avoid it?.
I posted last time that the lump was gone but I notice that if I’m in flaccid I still can feel it and it’s visible but when I’m in erect state it is unnoticeable, I thought it had disappeared because before I took time off the lump is big when I’m in erect.

Been doing the newbie routine in three weeks, do I need to start the routine again? Or can I change my routine in 5 weeks?

It sounds like a swollen vein. Put hot compresses on it and use Preparation H or some other kind of hemorrhoid ointment (hemorrhoids are just swollen veins) on it for a couple of days.

When you resume jelqing: go EASY. Your penis is still very new to this and you need to condition it. Do not push your equipment too hard.

It’s almost been a week and I still have the lump, only noticeable when I’m in flaccid state but when I’m in erect it is unnoticeable. Can I resume jelqing now? I did some hot compress still it doesn’t go away,

Does anyone experience this? How long does it takes to heal?

Don’t jelq until your wound is perfectly healed. Remember that you have only one penis.

Originally Posted by l7vincent3l
Does anyone experience this? How long does it takes to heal?

It could also be a blocked or dialated lymph vessel. I developed one when I first started PE. If memory serves, it took over one month for it to fully resolve, mostly because I was impatient and reinjured myself. Use the compresseses and gentle stroking/pressure on spot for as long as it takes.

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