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Advice on what techiques to use

Advice on what techiques to use

I am fairly new to this, am currently 6’4” looking to get to a 8”, I would like some advice as to which technique is best as I don’t have all that much spare time, am looking to dedicate 3/4 hours a week.
I’ve read about hanging, pumps, extenders and jelqs.
Could do with a little help as to the best routines and techniques please.
Can anyone recommend which extender is best? I will look to keep it on overnight, how many hours can I leave the extender on when starting’

Thx in advance

Newbie routine should work fine and it doesn’t require more time than you have.

Try the newbie routine first (jelquing, stretch you know.) o and don’t forget to warm up and down. Thought I didnt need to do it, started doing it and gains literally doubled.


I meant 3 to 4 hours a week

Weekly hours spent

I meant to say 3 to 4 hours a week

Sounds like like a fair amount of time. Stick to the newbie routine though, you don’t need to do ther other stuff till you’ve given your penis a good introduction to PE.

PE101 reading list, check it out. START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info Either of the two newbie routines mentioned should serve you well.

Originally Posted by silveroj
extenders… I will look to keep it on overnight

Not the safest thing. Do guys ever do this? Yes they do. Still, a risky thing to be doing with your one and only penis. You get a twist or pinch that cuts off circulation to your glans during the day and the discomfort will most certainly cause you to check. Whilst asleep and you will most likely wake up. If you do not wake up?

Please read up on the following before making that choice.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Sorry to hijack your thread bro,

But maybe if the Newbie Routine was renamed to Wicked Awesome Max Gain Pro Routine then more people would just do it, and reap the rewards.


There's no Replacement for Displacement!


It’s almost not a half bad idea, except people would then expect results immediately, not get them and then give up or try something overly extreme.

I have done jelq for about 2 months and then started adding new techniques, good luck!

Thankx for the newbie routine, still looking to purchase an extender any good reviews as on the net it’s all promo crap, If anyone has used one with good results please advise,has anyone used the Andropenis?

The Search Function is your friend sir.

There's no Replacement for Displacement!

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