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Advice on PI - Permanent lump and spotting

Help - Advice on PI - Permanent lump and spotting

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

Wish I’d found this site years ago!

I’ll cut to the chase - Through excessive rough masturbation in my teens, caused by being circumcised and using improper lubrication due to lack of knowledge, I think I have injured my penis permanently.

I have a hard lump an inch below my glands on top right hand side of my corpus cavernosum (CC) and about 5 small spots on the underside of my glands.

The spots don’t cause any problem at the moment, they are like tiny balloons filled with blood, red in color.

The lump doesn’t go away with pressure, doesn’t grow with an erection, but does sit on top on the CC a bit more predominantly. It doesn’t hurt all the time however there is pain/discomfort in the form of a dull ache in the surrounding area - especially after multiple days of hard sex / masturbation.
Reading this site I’m guessing it’s a ‘Thrombosed Vein’ caused by trauma years ago, but I’m not sure. If it is a thrombosed vein it’s never healed, and I can’t see any vein around the lump as it’s not under the skin but just inside the CC. I count myself lucky in the fact it doesn’t affect sex or self pleasuring unless it’s been excessive and I can function normally.
Rediscovering PE (I found out about jelqing in my teens and did a small amount of experimenting - which may have also been a contributing factor in all this) I’m looking to improve my penis health, length and girth. After experimenting with some PC clenches for a week or so, stretches and one very short jelqing session, I experienced more pain the next day than ‘normal’. I decided to do more research and found this site.
I have been to a local physician about 5 years ago who told me the lump was normal and he wasn’t sure about the spotting around my glands - he tried to refer me to a skin specialist, but I declined due to being uncomfortable with the situation (I used to be shy - I’m over that now). I took his word at the time but now I’m doubting it somewhat!

Is there anything I can do to help myself, is surgery an option, will the spots cause issues during PE?

I want a healthy large penis - I’m sure you all have a similar goal - I’m concerned that I won’t be able to do this due to my injuries - I don’t want to make anything worse!

Any help or advice would be massively appreciated.

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Got to a vascular specialist.

If they are superficial thrombosed veins, they can be chemically or surgically removed. A chemical is injected that causes them to basically shrink closed and dissolve over time. Surgically a wire is used to strip the vein out.

The procedure is the same as varicose/spider vein removal.

Either way, — new veins will form to remove blood correctly.

If they are thrombosed and have persisted this long, they will not resolve on their own.

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