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advice on my routine for length..

advice on my routine for length..

Hey Guys,

Here is my routine I’m looking for length..I’m not to concerned about girth, base 6” eg, mid shaft 5.5 eg, top 5.25 eg..

Here it is .

Hot facecloth wrap
60 kegels x6
With every set of 60 kegels I heat up the facecloth

Straight out stretch pull hard and relax 40 times

Stretch and pull around clockwise 40 times

Stretch and pull around counter clockwise 40 times

I can’t remember what this is called, then

With left hand one finger wrapped around base pulling to the left and right hand pulling to the right, pulling and relaxing 60 times

Repeat down right and up

Then the Fowler (if that’s what its called) pull pecker down under and between ass crack hold for 2min with a good pull..

Then hot wrap while doing 60 kegels x2

Repeat stretching but only half of the reps..

Then jelqs

100 jelqs at 40%

Clamp with 80% for 50 seconds

Repeat one more time, warm down..

Put on extender for approximately 2 hours or more..


Any advice on how to get a better flaccid length.. right now I’m doing the flofler,lol if that’s how you spell it..I sit on my picker while watching tv for about an hour…

I would experiate all advice. Thanks guys..

*appreciate all advice

Start date ? Going to say sept,2012

BPEL 7"- NBP 5.1/4"- BEG 6"- MEG 5.5" need to lose 60lbs to kill my pad!! How much length can I get if a lose 60lbs?

Are you just starting?

I read your other thread (he’s been at it a year with no results). In your other thread you said you were “on and off” with PE. You already had a pretty comprehensive stretching routine before this new one (which is even more). So, if you think more consistency might yield some gains go for it. But I think if you were “on” more than “off” over the last year, then you should have gained something by now with that routine. And I think you should give hanging a try rather than increasing your stretching volume. But if you do increase the stretching volume I think you should split into two sessions per day rather than one really long session.

It’s also possible that you’re overdoing it and might benefit from less stretching volume, but you be the judge of that. For me personally it feels like the more stretching I do the better, up to the point where I start to feel warning signs from my dick that I did too much - but that takes a LOT of stretching to get to that point. Another thing you could try is to cut down the jelqs. You could try doing only 100 jelqs once or twice a week, and that will actually allow you to focus more on length. Again, my personal experience here, I feel like I can do stretching every single day, with a rest day only needed once every week or two. But if I throw some jelqing in there, then I need more rest. Length work seems to need less recovery time than girth work, and if you cut down on jelqing, you might afford doing more length work in its place. Same would go for any other girth work you do (clamping pumping, squeezing, etc). Just do it all once a week on girth day, and spend the rest of the week on stretching. I’m just throwing around “out of the box” ideas that might work since you’re a hard gainer, not necessarily good advice unless you think it makes sense to your situation, so take it with a grain of salt.

I think there’s an optimal level of stretching each session. And it changes every session. It should feel like you’re stretching out and getting it out to max length during the first several minutes. Then there’s a sweet spot where you can work it out for a while at max length. But if you keep going beyond that point, it will contract somewhat. So that’s my personal experience, but I think working out into that sweet spot each session and quitting before contraction begins is important. It changes every session. Sometimes I can stretch for 20-30 mins without it contracting and it seems like I could just keep stretching forever without contracting. Sometimes it will contract after 5 mins. So that’s another thing - go by feel rather than a set amount of repetitions each session.

Good luck, and I really think you should try out hanging. It teaches you so much about stretching.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

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Wow, thanks so much,.I appreciate your time and effort in writing that post..I unfortunately have a small window to do my PE. I do it after work,.if I get home late the window is even shorter.. Once my wife gets home I have no chance of doing it!! I have tried doing it in the morning but I just can’t get myself out of bed, for 4am, to hard..

I will take your advice and cut down on the jelqing, even though now I have cut down on how long it takes to do 100 seeing that I don’t have to be 60-80% hard its much easier to stay at 40%..

Hanging for me would be hard seeing that the only place I PE is I’m my bedroom bathroom, don’t know where I would hide the weights?

If I could get myself up in the morning then breaking my session would be easy to do..I could do my second round in the morning and my longer routine in the evening..

discipline, discipline, discipline.. The one thing I lack!!

Any good ideas for flaccid gain.??


Start date ? Going to say sept,2012

BPEL 7"- NBP 5.1/4"- BEG 6"- MEG 5.5" need to lose 60lbs to kill my pad!! How much length can I get if a lose 60lbs?

2 disturbing avatars above!

hahaha :)

Williewanker, glad to help, although don’t thank me unless it works. Jelqing at lower erection levels is better for length. I agree, don’t try hanging without privacy, it just isn’t worth it to try to stealth it since it takes so much time. I don’t have much personal experience with flaccid gain, but the general idea is to hold it in the post-workout extended/enlarged flaccid state using a wrap or an ADS. I’ve tried to wrap it but never got it to work right, I always shrink down pretty quickly afterward anyway.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"


So an extender would help my flaccid, afte a workout?

Start date ? Going to say sept,2012

BPEL 7"- NBP 5.1/4"- BEG 6"- MEG 5.5" need to lose 60lbs to kill my pad!! How much length can I get if a lose 60lbs?

Yeah, that’s the theory anyway. Although again I don’t have any personal experience with it. The general idea is to wrap in a semi-erect post-workout enlarged state, and the wrap prevents it from turtling all the way back down to its normal flaccid size. For an extender or ADS I think the idea is the same, it’s not meant to be a full on stretch, rather just to keep it slightly longer than its normal flaccid size.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Did some more research, and Fowfer’s are another way to keep it stretched out. I’m gonna try them out. You mentioned doing an active fowfer (holding it with hand) but the more common way is to stretch it out and then sit on it or tuck it between the cheeks to keep it there while moving around, that way you get a gentle stretch for a long time.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Unfortunately I can’t tucked up under, my flaccid is to small..I’ve seen squirrels with bigger flaccids than mine! Lol :( …I have to sit on it to keep it from moving..

I do have an idea..which I will share with you, maybe it will be helpful to you?? I have a rubber cock ring..I plan on tying a shoe string to it, clamp the cock ring either at my base or just behind my head, pull the string under and between my legs wrap it around my belt bringing the shoe string forward again between my legs and tying it to the front of my belt..that would help me stretch out my pecker all day or for as long as I can stand it…

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